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Path of Exile: Betrayal Challenge Rewards

Path of Exile
Path of Exile

For a lot of Path of Exile players that take on the seasonal League, the rewards are as important as taking on the challenges. This is something that’s just as correct then as it is now in Betrayal. So if you want to know what the rewards are before bringing invested in the current league, here’s a bit of info about them.

Betrayal: A League of Its Own

Other than the items you’ll be getting during and at the end of the league, what makes Betrayal different is its theme and overarching mechanics. For the former, many of its elements have Japanese aesthetics. From Jun Ortoi, the woman who wears ninja-like garb is perhaps the most important NPC for this league, to some parts of the new dungeon, there are many references to classical Japan.

Another important and defining trait of this league is its format. Every league has been unique but some more than others, and Betrayal has been more of the latter. For this league, players will have to infiltrate and topple a mysterious and powerful organization simply known as The Syndicate. To bring it down, you’ll have to execute, interrogate, bargain, or manipulate its members. You can even cause infighting and have them take out another if you’re savvy enough.

Rewarded for Treachery

Of course, for each member you take down and whose safe house you raid, you get a reward. What you get depends on which department you catch them in. That means the reward you get from one member in Transportation is different for that same member in Research.For example, for one department you get gear, but for another you get POE Currency.

For a summary of the rewards, you can check it out here:

Changes in Betrayal

If you checked out the link and don’t know much about the new content that will be brought by this update, you might be wondering what the new Veiled modifier is. For these items, you bring them to Jun Ortoi, who in turn will let you choose one of the three properties you can give it. Overall, there are 100 modifiers for Veiled modifiers, so you’ll hopefully discover really good ones. Plus, once you unlock Veiled modifiers, you’ll be able to put it on other items as well.

Other than updates directly related to the league, Betrayal has also brought in many changes to the game. Among them are the four new maps, which are the improved versions of fan-favorite tilesets from Delve’s Azurite Mine. In fact, all of Atlas of Worlds has been rearranged; that means players will have to create new paths all over again. It’s quite a hassle, yet a worthy challenge at the same time, and exiles are all about that.

Another is the new masters. Thanks to the current league, we now have new masters - Einhar, Alva, Niko, and Zana – and they’ll be in charge of content for previous leagues such as Bestiary, Delve, and Incursion, respectively.

Finally, in line with Path of Exile conventions, new skill gems have been introduced to the game while old skill gems have been tweaked to further balance the game. Out of this came all sorts of new meta builds that are effective for this league. Hopefully, they’ll also be effective for the next league, but only time can tell when it comes to that.

Path of Exile: Betrayal is quite the league, so it’s no wonder why it also gives those who participate in it substantial rewards. If you haven’t checked it out just yet, it’s about time you do!

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