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Fortnite Showtime Challenge Guide

Fortnite Showtime Challenge Guide
Fortnite Showtime Challenge Guide

Keep it “Mello” by joining in on the fun, because Epic has a treat in store for Fortnite players that is sure to give you good vibes!Electronic music producer and DJ Marshmello, famous for his hit songs like “Happier” and “Alone”, is coming to town to perform a concert in-game! How cool is that?

With this, Epic has also introduced a new Fortnite Showtime Challenge for you to unlock Marshmello goodies for free! You need to act quickly though, as they are only available for a limited amount of time, and they won’t be up for sale in the future either. All around the island, posters have been put up to advertise the concert. A stage has even been constructed over at Pleasant Park, so let’s get this show on the road by showing you all of the Fortnite Showtime Challenges so you could undertake to collect your Marshmello goods. Hurry and log onto your Fortnite account now!

Find a Showtime Poster

Since the posters are all over the island, you’ll have no trouble finding one of these Fortnite items. To kick things off, you will need to interact with one of them. By searching the poster, you get to unlock the “Keep It Mello” emote. This emote is important because you’ll need to use it for the other challenges. If you’re having trouble finding a poster, one can be found in Pleasant Park, just at the center of the town. It’s a large pink poster with a Marshmello logo on the center with arms.

Go to the Showtime Venue

Visit the stage for Marshmello’s concert that’s been set in Pleasant Park, where a football field used to be. Head on over to grid C4to go to the center of the stage, from there you’ll see the venue, including the stage and crowd area. It’s pretty big and you only need to enter it to complete this challenge, pretty easy huh? Well, not quite. Since it’s part of the challenge, consider the fact that there’s going to be lots of opponents going to this location, so be prepared for plenty of gunfire and grenade drops when you get there.

Use the “Keep It Mello” Emote at Three Locations

After you’ve unlocked the “Keep It Mello” Emote by searching the Showtime poster at the first part of the challenge, you will then need to use that dance emote at three different locations, so be sure to equip the emote into your main emote wheel before you head onto these locations in the map.

First, go to the Truck N’ Oasis gasoline station that’s in the southern portion of the desert biome. From there, just use the emote and the challenge will count it!

The second stop is the ice cream parlor Sofdeez. It’ll be easy to go there since, like Truck N’ Oasis, it’s also in the desert biome. It’s located to the west of the race track. Once you’re at Sofdeez, make sure to step inside of stand on the room while dancing, because if you dance at the car park out front, it doesn’t count.

The last location to go to is the frozen lake north of Polar Peak, where Greasy Grove once stood. The best thing here is once you get to it, you just need to dance anywhere on the ice!

That’s about it! If you followed all these steps, then youwill officially complete every one of the Fortnite Showtime Challenges. You can then head on back to the stage at Pleasant Park and have a great time at the concert!

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