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How to Make FFXIV Gil in Stormblood?


Final Fantasy XIV’s most recent expansion, Stormblood, changed the game in many ways, including the ways in which adventurers can earn FFXIV Gil. Here are the new endeavors you should take on if you want to have so much more money in Eorzea.

Gathering Here Today

While it has become common knowledge that crafting is the most reliable way of raking in six to seven digits, there’s a growing sentiment that people are better off sticking to gathering. Unlike crafting, it doesn’t take as much commitment as all you do is gather anyway. Plus, you spend less Gil, as gear for Disciple of Land jobs are actually cheaper compared to that of Disciples of Hand. Then there’s also the fact that you have to buy materials that you can’t or have no time to gather. And if you’re already maxed out in gear and level, the only thing you’ll be spending for is teleportation.

If you want to make the most of gathering, you should check out nodes that won’t always be there, as well as those that need Tomes of Regional Folklore in order to be found.

Another reason why you can stick to gathering is that it gives you the chance to find treasure maps. Through them, you’ll be able to take on treasure hunts. Players that want to try their hand at this method should go for the highest-tier map. For example, if you are level 70, you should be doing gazelleskin treasure maps. You can sell many of the rewards you get from the hunt; some are even worth as much as 2 million Gil.

Neither Hand nor Land

Feeling that gathering is a tedious and mundane endeavor? That’s alright, since you can just stick to adventuring with your Disciple of Warand still make a pretty good amount. For that, there are more ways than one. You can take on all the Duty Roulettes for the day every day and get paid for it. Plus, if you are the “In Need” class, you get a bit of an extra. Other than that, you can do some EX Primals, as some of their drops can be sold at a good price.

You can also do some beast tribe quests. With the currency you earn from them, you can buy stuffed tabletops, which you can sell for a decent amount.

Business Venture in Ventures

Venture has also become a popular way of earning Gil. For this method, your retainer will be going on, well, ventures by giving them a currency called Venture. This particular currency can be acquired from your Grand Company for 200 seals, as well as a reward from Beast Tribe Quests and Guildleves.

The kind of rewards your retainer receives from Venture depends on your retainer’s class. However, you can only choose from the classes you have already unlocked. And for the classes thatyou haven’t maxed yet, your retainer’s max level for will be five levels lower than that of your current level for that class. You can’t exactly rely on ventures if you want to turn in a huge profit. Nevertheless, it’s a passive, low-effort way to earn Gil. It can either be a steady way to make fifty to one hundred thousand Gil, and if you get lucky, you can find something that is worth millions.

The beauty of Eorzea’s economy is that when it comes to making Gil, there’s always more than one way. No matter how much the game changes, that will always be a constant. So, what are you waiting for? Try out these new Gil-grinding schemes in Stormblood!

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