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PoE Tips for Quick Leveling


Path of Exile can be one of the most confusing and difficult action RPGs to get into. There is so much content available and every few months Grinding Gear Games add even more. The Betrayal League introduced a complete overhaul to crafting, map difficulties and effective farming methods. Before a beginner can even begin the end-game and farming Poe Chaos Orbs effectively they must first understand how the game should be played.

A tip for every newcomer is to first find a build and play it out on Softcore. While following someone else’s build might be slightly more boring than creatively using the Passive Skill Tree and Ascendancies. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to accurately judge how difficult the game will be and what combinations of skills are good without investing a fair amount of hours into Path of Exile. Following someone else’s build will allow players to reach the end-game fairly easily and have fun throughout the entire adventure. Farming for better gear will also be possible with the right build and financing a creative one will be made easier through all the Chaos and Exalted Orbs gained with a strong build.

Playing on Hardcore might be enticing for aRPG veterans but Path of Exile is much more complex and challenging than any other game of this genre. Most players will die many times without even reaching the Atlas and completing all the ten acts. Without reaching the Atlas and farming out some maps for PoE Chaos Orbs it is impossible to accurately gauge the difficulty of the game and what will be required for Hardcore Leagues.

Make sure to always play the Challenge Leagues as that is where most of the community is. Comparatively few players play Standard and Challenge Leagues have more content than Standard making the game more fun.

Getting to the end-game of Path of Exile allows players to farm Poe Orbs quickly and make lots of profit in-game. For many players, running through the questing stage becomes boring as the game is mostly the same before the Atlas system comes into play. There are a few very quick ways to breeze through the game and reach Act 10 Kitava in several hours.

Most Path of Exile racers have several methods to get the end-game as fast as possible. If a player is already rich in Chaos Orbs there is the Rain of Arrows setup. This gear pack requires having Tabula Rasa, Storm Cloud (later The Tempest), Thief’s Torment and Hyrri’s Bite (and Hyrri’s Demise). All the other items can be replaced for other good unique items like Astramentis (although it usually costs several Poe Exalted Orbs). By using this type of gear a player can run a 6-link Rain of Arrows (any bow skill before RoA can be used) and achieve insane amounts of DPS with decent survivability. Most bosses die within a few seconds with this setup. Rain of Arrows can even be used in mapping to farm the initial Poe Chaos Orbs for better gear.

Another popular option is to run Storm Brand. Storm Brand requires almost no gear to be effective and allows for extremely fast killing and running. Since Brands attach to enemies and deal damage on their own, racers usually cast Storm Brand on large packs of monsters and just continue running. Using this skill in such a way allows players to both gain EXP and continue running through the map.

These two options are the most popular Path of Exile rush methods. Players usually switch to their main build somewhere down the road, usually after Act 10 Kitava since then farming for PoE currency becomes more viable.

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