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Apex Legends

Peak performance: Best graphics settings for Apex Legends

In a Battle Royale shooter, it’s important to always be up to speed, lest you be taken out by the highly aggressive and downright numerous nuolaida naujiems užsakymams
Path of Exile

Items in Path of Exile worth buying

Path of Exile features a whole slew of items. Whether they’re worth absolutely nil or millions of PoE currency, it’s these items that are the...

3 tips to earn old school Runescape gold

Money makes the world go round, and for Gielinor, it’s OSRS gold. It’s true, you wouldn’t go far in Old School Runescape without much of...
Final Fantasy XIV

Best GPU and more: Rig specs for FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV has been around for quite some time now. Since then, PC tech has already improved, so it means rigs with perhaps what’s...

OSRS Raid Guide: Gears and More

Old School RuneScape has plenty of good things going for it. The problem with it, however, is that it’s stuck in the past. It’s for...
World of Warcraft

5 Reasons Why You Should Play World of Warcraft

It has been said that the age of MMORPGs is long past. If that’s the case, then what’s the point of playing Blizzard’s long-running high-fantasy...
Maplestory 2

Maplestory 2 Assassin Skill Guide

Assassins in Maplestory 2 have the highest single-target burst DPS (damage per second). While mobile, they're finished once they get caught in an attack. Because...
Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Extraction Tips

Escape from Tarkov imposes a harsh mechanic of losing all items—except a few you can fit in a special bag—when you die. You have to...

How to Make FFXIV Gil in Stormblood?

Final Fantasy XIV’s most recent expansion, Stormblood, changed the game in many ways, including the ways in which adventurers can earn FFXIV Gil. Here are...
Fortnite Showtime Challenge Guide

Fortnite Showtime Challenge Guide

Keep it “Mello” by joining in on the fun, because Epic has a treat in store for Fortnite players that is sure to give you good vibes!Electronic music producer and DJ Marshmello, famous for his hit songs like “Happier” and “Alone”, is coming to town to perform a concert in-game! How cool is that? ...
Path of Exile

Path of Exile: Betrayal Challenge Rewards

For a lot of Path of Exile players that take on the seasonal League, the rewards are as important as taking on the challenges. This is something that’s just as correct then as it is now in Betrayal. So if you want to know what the rewards are before bringing invested in the current league, here’s a bit of info about them....
Watch Dogs

Išsamiai pristatyti žaidimo Watch Dogs daugelio žaidėjų režimai

Naujame devynių minučių vaizdo klipe kompanija Ubisoft pasakoja apie Watch Dogs daugelio žaidėjų režimą, kuris pristatytas trijuose žaidimo eigos kadruose ir trijuose režimuose....
Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator tapo Steam pardavimų lyderiu

Galite juoktis, galite ir susimąstyti. Bet kokiu atveju, faktas lieka faktu – ožio simuliatorius („Goat Simulator“) praėjusią savaitę tapo Steam pardavimų lyderiu....
Watch Dogs

Ubisoft atskleidė Watch Dogs sisteminius reikalavimus

Ubisoft Montreal savo naująjį projektą Watch Dogs ketina išleisti šių metų gegužės 27 d., o tai reiškia, kad pats laikas atskleisti PC platformai skirtos versijos minimalius ir rekomenduojamus sisteminius reikalavimus....

Liūdna žinia Need for Speed gerbėjams: sustabdytas naujų dalių kūrimas (Video)

Studija Ghost Games, puslapio Polygon teigimu, greitu metu gali netekti nemažos dalies darbuotojų. Studijos savininkė – kompanija Electronic Arts – ėmėsi pertvarkos, taigi Need for Speed naujos dalies kūrimo darbai yra sustabdyti, teigia su situacija susipažinę šaltiniai....
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