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The Custom Firmware (CFW) of choice for many on the PS3 has just arrived with 4.81 Support, Team REBUG has officially released 4.81 REBUG D-REX that comes equipped with COBRA v7.31 and if you want to take this firmware to the next level, then installing the REBUG Toolbox is a must, as without it. You are left with the same functionality as we see in a Standard Type CFW release, which makes REBUG CFW truly a great firmware choice for many. As it can be a simplistic firmware and also serve as a really bad-ass advance CFW depending on options toggled in the REBUG Toolbox. As things like COBRA can be disable and enabled and as well as the popular webMAN Plugin, plus so many additional functions as details in the included in the excellent release notes provided by Team Rebug.


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Kas naujo versijoje 4.81.1


  • This system software update improves the quality of the system performance
  • FSELF compatibility on CEX mode - (Faked Signed ELF can now be used on both CEX and DEX modes.)
  • webMAN MOD 1.45.04- (Added support for 4.81 CFW)
  • COBRA 7.31 Added - (Syscall 15 and improved stage0 base payload)