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  1. PSNpatch 2017.02/B

    PSNpatch yra skirtas sumažinti ban'o riziką jungiantis prie PlayStation Network su atrišta PS3 konsole.
    Kaip naudoti PSNpatch?
    General rule is to install PSN patch ---> run ---> go to toolbox (select) ---> install psnpatch plugin. After that restart your PS3. It's one time process, now your PSN access should be locked until you use L3 + R3 + R2 from the XMB.
    So generally you need to mount game, use combo, run game. That's all, but remember that if you want to change game or run ANY homebrew. You need to first restart your PS3 to lock PSN access, and remember there is no 100% that you will don't get ban.
    Kitos PSNpatch galimybės:
    CORE (compatible with ALL 4.XX firmwares)
    - Spoofs IDPS (console ID) and PSID;
    - Disables cfw syscalls (emulates official firmware);
    - Auto-Deletes game and homebrew launch history;
    - BLOCKS PSN access at boot until cfw syscalls are disabled (if plug-in is running. read below);
    - Installs RAPs and EDATs.
    - Unlocks PSN (c00) game demos.
    - Unlocks ps2classics launcher.
    - It Patches new games to run in lower firmware (4.46) systems - both ISO and folder formats;
    - PSNPatch plug-in for easy usage with COBRA and NON-COBRA cfw including PSN access control;
    - Firmware version independent;
    - Includes a lite webMAN-mod plug-in version certified to run with PSNPatch.

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