Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy

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Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy





METAL GEAR SOLID PHILANTHROPY is a movie inspired by the Hideo Kojima’s videogame series “Metal Gear Solid”.


It is not a Hollywood-style production, better a fan movie made out of the passion of some fans, non profit and no budget.


The movie has been released on 27th September 2009 for free.



Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy was conceived in 2002 when Talamini and school friend Gianluca were playing Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The game had a significant impact on the two and they decided to create a film based on the series. Using equipment they had laying around, they started work on what is now known as the Old Project. After two years, production came to a halt. They had released a trailer but interest in the project was dying.


Soon after, in 2005, the group (who was then known as Shamrock Creations) had a meeting in Venice to discuss the direction of the project. They refocused their aim and renamed themselves to Hive Division after Gianluca left the group. The new project was to be called the New Project. Recruiting up to 40 people, they continued work and in 2006, started shooting at different locations around Italy. Shooting commenced until July 2008 when the building used in the final scene was demolished. In winter 2008, they found an alternate location and filming commenced. In March 2009, filming was complete and, also for the last part, post-processing began. Aoife Ferry, the singer who performed for the real Metal Gear Solid, also came into the studio towards the end of production to offer her vocal talent for use in the ending theme to the movie.

[edit] Plot


The movie is divided into three parts, the first part entitled "The Overnight Nation" is sixty-nine minutes long and follows Snake as he teams up with Philanthropy, an organization created in order to stop Metal Gears around the world. Snake (Giacomo Talamini) teams up with Elizabeth Laeken (Patrizia Liccardi) and Pierre Leclerc (Nicola Cecconi) as they attempt to find out what's really going on in "The Overnight Nation". The movie is set in 2007, taking place before or right after the first part of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.


A quote from Hive Division states:


Philanthropy explores ideas such as genetics, which is a recurring theme in the Metal Gear series; memetics, the study of how culture, habits, and information evolve, expand, how it is used and abused.


There is currently no word on when the two proposed sequels will begin production.

[edit] Budget


Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy was funded entirely by Hive Division who invested almost 10,000 euros (9,000 GBP/$13,000 USD) in the production. Most of this went towards obtaining equipment and props.


visai neblogas MGS filmas ,siustis yra oficialiam saite,taip pat LM

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