Ghost of Tsushima

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atrodo gerai, tai lyg AC bet Japonijoj samuraju laikai, nuo devu kurie dare Sly Cooper ir Infamous. 





  • Use the "Guiding Wind" to navigate the open world - picking spots on Ghost of Tsushima's menu map will lead to an in-game wind appearing as you play. Players can then follow those winds to that location, a
  • Players have a horse they can call as needed. It is unclear when this is unlocked in the game.
  • Bamboo and Yew-Wood can be picked as a resource in the environment.
  • Locations include: Kashine Hills, Yagata Forest and Farmstead
  • A Mongol controlled farm is shown with objectives, like rescuing hostages.
  • In the new Tsushima demo, the protagonist Jin Sakai comes across a person by a campfire who warns him of spirits in the forest.
  • Jin can stop and investigate points of interest, like abandoned homes.
  • Foxes will guide Jin to shrines around the island of Tsushima, at which Jin can honor those shrines. Doing so earns Jin upgrades, like a new Minor Charm slot.
  • Once discovering a key spot, players can fast travel.


  • Jin can challenge enemies to a standoff in the environment.
  • Combat shown near a shipyard shows Jin using only a single slice to fell each enemy.
  • "Every strike must count,"
  • Players can parry enemies, and doing so at the last possible moment will open them up to attacks.
  • Change combat stances to inflict the most damage on enemies.
  • The same shipyard combat sequence is shown as a stealthy option. Jin uses distractions to silently sneak up on enemies as the titular Ghost.
  • Distractions include firecrackers, which Jin can use to lure enemies out of hiding and assassinate them. If quickly enough, Jin can assassinate multiple enemies before being spotted.
  • Smoke bombs can be used to avoid attacks and evade enemies who spot Jin.
  • Kunai can be used for quick kills.
  • The Mongols will "learn to fear the Ghost" and may even attempt flee Jin's stealthier actions, which players can use to their advantage.
  • Jin's grappling hook can be used to swing across gaps or climb up ledges.
  • An environmental attack is shown, as Jin uses the Mongol's own weapons as an explosive, destroying their cache and eventually decimating the shipyard.


  • Jin can be customized with various armor, which gives different mechanical advantages. It is not just cosmetic.
  • Players will discover charms that give Jin different benefits.
  • Players can choose the techniques with skill points they wish to give Jin and customize his attack strategy depending on their playstyle.

Photo Mode

  • Ghost of Tsushima's photo mode allows players to control the wind and its spend in a photo or video.
  • Songs from the score can also be chosen.
  • And particle effects can be changed out to let players choose different scenes.
  • Players can collect flowers to change the color of armor.

Voice Track, Visual Settings

  • A Japanese voice track can be chosen before players even begin the adventure.
  • A black-and-white, film grain mode can be turned on from the beginning of the game to emulate classic samurai films.

Ghost of Tsushima Platforms and Release Date

Ghost of Tsushima has a release date of July 17, 2020. As for platforms it will be playable on, Ghost of Tsushima is a PlayStation Exclusive and will only be available on the PS4 at launch.






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man asmeniskai tai sweet spotas buna apie 40-50h jau pagrindine story ir tada + side stories, ypac open world. bet aisku, kai zaidimas patinka tai gaila buna kad ir 40-50h buna ir noretusi dar daugiau :D

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Zaidimas atkeliavo iki vadinamo Aukso, kai zaidimas yra uzbaigiamas kurti.



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