Nintendo vs Sega Gaming Night



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We're reigniting the war of the 90s with our Nintendo vs Sega gaming night!

Are you team Game Boy orGame Gear?

NES or Master System?

Megadrive or SNES?

N64 or Saturn?

Pin your colours to the mast as you enter, choosing a red or blue wristband!

We'll have a complete console spread out to play, everything from the TV Game 6, up to the Wii U, and the SG-1000 up to the Dreamcast. 
We'll also have some Sega games out on our other consoles!

Details of more weird and wonderful things to be announced!

This event will be family-friendly.

The Pac Lunch shop will be open offering tea, coffee, cold drinks, chocolate, crisps and cereal bars to provide energising sustenance! 

The event starts at 6pm and finishes at 10pm


Under 5's are free. Under 14's must be accompanied by an adult.


Payment is taken by PayPal immediately. Please print a copy of the receipt that is displayed atthe end of the payment process and bring it with you as your e-ticket.


All proceeds support the museum!