Retro Computer Festival - Japan! 2019



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A Celebrationof Japanese Technology, Creativity and Innovation

We're going to hold a special Retro Festival weekend as part of our 'Made in Japan' event. We'll be showing a wide range of Japanese computers, console and handhelds from our archive - many of whichwere never sold in this country - from manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Bandai, Sharp, Sony, Sega and NEC. 

We're also inviting Japanese computer and games enthusiasts and collectors to come show off their systems and software and to be on hand to tell you more about these rare and unusual machines.

Latest News

We've got so many unique machines coming thanks to our wonderful exhibitors - keeping checking back here for the latest updates.
@asobitech has pretty much every Japanese console ever išleidimo datad and will bebringing a selection of the rarer and more unusual machines to show us - including the Sega Dreamcast Divers 2000 CX-1 TV, and the Sharp Nintendo Super Famicom SF1 TV.


Binary Dinosaurs


Adrian Graham will be raiding his extensive collection to bring us a range of Japanese micros, from Sharp, Epson, Yamaha and many others.


Johnny Blanchard



Author of 'Gaming in the Obscure', Johnnyruns the 'Re-enthused' Youtube channel and has an extensive collection ofJapanese computers, including a super rare Bandai RX-78, a Fujitsu FM-7and a NEC PC-8201 





Katrina is our graphic designer here at the Museum, and is a complete Japanophile. She'll be bringing her collection of LCD handhelds and wacky peripherals.


Adrian Mitchell


When he's not looking afterthe collection here at the museum, Adrian's busy polishing his own collection of PC Engines and other Japanese consoles. He'll be bringing a PC Engine LT attached to a briefcase system, NEO GEO AES, Nintendo Handhelds, Wonderswan and his Virtual Boys.


Tony Jewell



The Dragon 32 might not come from Japan, butplenty of other machines in Tony's collection do. Expect a Tomy Pyuta, aFujitsu FM-7 and lots of Sharps.


Vintage Computer Club


Sean Billings of the Vintage Computer Club will be bringing along a collection of Japanese computers from the 80's and 90's and helping anyone that would like to try to learn about programming on them. The Club's mission is about bringing together a community of people whoenjoy our computer technology past, it is about educating, but more than that it is about fun.


Andrew Fell



Andrew will be bringing a number of both rare and popular Japanese consolesincluding Famicoms, Saturns, NeoGeos and Virtual Boys.


Call for exhibitors ...

Would you like to come and show off your Japanese computers or consoles? Please do get in touch!