VRX Conference & Expo Europe 2019



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Official Website: https://events.vr-intelligence.com/europe/

We are in the dawn of a new immersive tech era. With the wave of new headsets, a budding consumer market and businesses profiting from improved processes and productivity, there is much progress to be celebrated.

Yet major challenges remain. The future of VR, AR and MR hangs on believable storytelling, profitability and seamless experiences. This will take time, intellect and collaboration.

Whether you seek market forecasts, new partnerships or advice on common problems, our mission is to bring together real people with real problems and provide collective solutions for the benefit of the industry.

Take advantage of live demos, speaker keynotes, exclusive product išleidimo datas and use-case work-throughs. VRX Europe is here to unite large-scale enterprises, entertainment powerhouses and investors with the tech and content leaders at the cutting-edge of this new industry.

Join this tech evolution as we all join forces to cut the noise and propel XR into a new age.

Tickets: https://events.vr-intelligence.com/europe/register.php.