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What is the EGX?

EGX is the biggest English gaming event that is coming to Germany for the first time. Here you'll find all the eagerly awaited upcoming console and PC games, all ready to be played and the months leading up to their išleidimo data. There will also be presentations from some of the world's most important game developers, eSports, and the opportunity to speak with some of the developers themselves.

When and where does the EGX Berlin take place?

The EGX Berlin 2018 will take place from the 28th to the 30th of September in the Berlin event location The Station. Tickets are now available. Visit the event location page for more information about the venue.

What are the opening times of the EGX Berlin 2018?

The day ticket is valid from 11:00 o'clock of the respective day. Holders of press passes, super passports and early access will be admitted from 10:00. The fair closes at 20:00 on Friday and Saturday and at 18:00 on Sunday, the last admission is 15:00.

Are children and young people allowed to attend the EGX Berlin 2018?

The minimum age for access to the EGX Berlin is 18 years, which means that young people and children can not be admitted.

I bought a ticket, but can not come, Can I return it?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, but tickets are easily transferable. If you want to change the day for your day pass, please let us know so that we can make the change. A change to a day that is already sold out is not possible.

Are there free tickets for escorts?

Is there. Please contact us so we can help you.

I bought a ticket or bracelet on eBay or a guy in a pub ...

If you bought your ticket directly on the website, then there will be no problems that we can not solve. But if your ticket was purchased from a third party of any kind, it could be a fake. Each barcode is unique and if it has alreadybeen scanned at the entrance, no entry can be granted. Never buy a bracelet, it's almost guaranteed a fake.

Is there an agerestriction at the EGX Berlin 2018?

Yes, the minimum age for access to the EGX Berlin 2018 is 18 years. Please note this if you want to buy a ticket.