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The Last of Us 2

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"I think in Feb they will announce a date on which they will announce that the game is released soon"

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The Last of Us 2 Shown Off to GameStop Employees, Brief Gameplay Details Revealed


The GameStop Managers Conference is taking place this week in Nashville, Tennessee and it seems that one of Sony’s most anticipated upcoming PS4-exclusives made an appearance during the event today.

As shared on Twitter by user @Gaming_Forte, Sony showed off some brief new footage of The Last of Us Part II. They didn’t just talk about the game in general though instead revealed some all-new gameplay. The footage shown apparently highlighted stealth and “how you can use clickers to your advantage.” The gameplay was also said to be dark with only “fire and flash lights” illuminating the area.



In addition to showing the new footage, The Last of Us Part II voice actor Troy Baker also briefly appeared on stage, seemingly to talk about the upcoming release. Baker, who plays Joel in the game, seemed to briefly chat about the project on stage, but what he said wasn’t divulged.


Last but not least, when asked when the public might see this new footage, @Gaming_Forte responded by simply saying, “Soon.” Whether or not Sony gave those behind closed doors additional information on when the game might release or when new gameplay footage would arrive publicly wasn’t detailed.

Regardless, the fact that Sony is now willing to show off more of The Last of Us Part II to anyone bodes well. With Paris Games Week coming up, in addition to Outbreak Day next month, perhaps we’ll have more info on The Last of Us Part II sooner rather than later.


As of now, The Last of Us Part II still doesn’t have a release date, but it will be coming to PS4 exclusively when it launches.


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