Kitų konsolių žaidimų emuliatoriai, veikiantys PlayStation 2 konsolėje.

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  1. PGEN 1.5.1, Codejunkies

    PGEN – tikriausiai, pats geriausias Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) emuliatorius skirtas PlayStation 2, kurio dėka galite žaisti į CD įrašytus žaidimus.
    Pagrindinės funkcijos (anglų kalba)
    Compatible with .SMD and .BIN rom format High speed emulation with stereo sound (at 24Khz) Two types of sprite rendering: Cell and Line (Cell is faster but less accurate) PAL / NTSC rom autodetect Supports SRAM saves and saved states (which are compressed) Save manager to manipulate PGEN save data Very configurable (and options get saved to memory card or HDD) Quick savestate function, does not write to memcard Screen positioning Dual-shock controller analog stick support Cool GUI with music Automatic ROM detection (no FILES.TXT needed!) Support for multiple levels of rom directories Supports Joliet filesystem - long filenames, no file number limit Support for swapping ROM cd's without restarting the emulator Load zipped rom files Linear filtering for rendered display Load ROMS from a PS2 HDD, and save/load saved states to a PS2 HDD Boot PGEN via M R Brown's exploit, and load roms from a memory card Support for the PS2 multi-tap for 4 player games DMS3 Dev.olution mode compatibile

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