Inception Community Summit 2020



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Join the best startups from across Europe for a day exploring AI, emerging technologies, and NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated solutions.

On Friday 6 March 2020, AI startups, representing a wide range of industries, will gather to showcase theirsolutions, network with fellow innovators, and connect with deep learning experts.

NVIDIA’s Serge Lemonde, AI Startup Ecosystem Director, Global, will kick off the day with a welcome address. After which,Adam Grzywaczewski, Deep Learning Solution Architect, NVIDIA will explore ‘Deep Learning Training: Data Effectiveness Revisited’.

Following this, Allie K. Miller, Head of AI Growth for Startups and Venture Capital, AWS will showcase how Amazon is nurturing the next generation ofmachine learning startups, in collaboration with NVIDIA. Two leading Inception Program members, Deepset and Hypatos, will share their experiencewith leveraging NVIDIA GPUs on AWS to accelerate their work.

The day will conclude with an exclusive pitch competition, where eight Inception members from across Europe will present their work and each willreceive an NVIDIA Titan RTX GPU.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of it.