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PlayManija paskutinį kartą laimėjo Vasario 22

PlayManija patalpino geriausiai įvertintą turinį!


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  6. PlayManija

    Mysterium 2020 (Online)

    Official Website: In 2000, a group of Myst fans decided to organize a meet-up in Spokane, Washington, home of Cyan Worlds, Inc. What was initially planned as an informal gathering ultimately ballooned into a weekend-long event attended by over 200 people, with t-shirts, a cateredlunch, and a tour of Cyan Worlds’ headquarters. Since then, Mysterium has traveled the country, visiting almost a dozen cities, and returning to Spokane periodically with Cyan Worlds as a gracious co-host. Nowin its second decade, Mysterium has become a community tradition, and asort of annual reunion. We welcome all fans of Myst, Obduction, and other Cyan games. Whether you played Myst once a long time ago, just recently found it on iOS, or are a years-long dedicated fan, we welcome you to attend, and hope to see you there! To get an idea of some of the events we have at Mysterium, check out our Youtube channel: On the left sidebar of this page, you can find links to Mysterium FAQs and history. Tickets:
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