VRX Immersive Enterprise 2020 (Online)



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Capitalize on the XR revolution to drive real business transformation

For large enterprises across industry, the advent of useable and affordable virtual & augmented reality represents a seismic shift in how they do business. Ignoring it is no longer an option.

Across business lines and applications XR technologies are having an increasing impact on people, products and processes. Workers arebenefiting from improved training and step-by-step guidance and collaborative tools are allowing ever more seamless remote working & assistance capabilities.

Product design and manufacturing processes are beingtransformed and pioneering companies are using the technologies to betterengage customers and drive enhanced brand engagement. Those that are not using the technologies now will surely fall behind and never recover.

This is why VRX Immersive Enterprise is the only place bringing together 300+ experts from across enterprise and tech to setthe bar for the future of XR. Discover the strategies to deliver an effective rollout, no matter the business application or industry vertical youwork in.