GameSoundCon 2019



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If you're new or pretty new to games, you'll probably get the most out of attending the Game AudioEssentials Track. Game Audio Essentials covers the differences between game audio and audio for traditional media, the fundamentals of interactivemusic and paramaterized sound effects as well as an overview of how gameswork. If you have a good understanding of the basics of game audio and a few games under your belt you may find some of the talks in the Game AudioPro track most interesting.

If you're specificallyinterested in the FMOD Studio or Wwise training classes, those can be done either as a whole series, or as individual sessions. Generally speaking, those classes presume a working knowledge of the basics of game audio:what parameterized sounds are, basic techniques of interactive music, what 'runtime parameter controls' are, the role of middleware in game audio development, and so forth. So if you're brand new to games, you're best bet is probably to attend the Game Audio Essentials track, and at leasthit the 'Intro to Game Audio' and 'Game Audio Tech I' sessions.  If you've done a couple games, but want to start to better understand the tools,you may want to leave some time for some of the FMOD and/or Wwise sessions.