Protospiel 2019



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Free for players, this is the 7th year of the annual Bay Area Prototype Board Game convention. 
Come out! Bring the family! Free entry! Free snacks! Try out all kinds of board games under development. 

To stay in touch and win raffle prizes: Grab a free player badge

If you want to stay in the loop with announcements related to Protospiel San Jose 2019, please sign up for a FREE player badge here:

That will put you on the mailing list for this year’s event. You will get approximately one email a week from now until the event.

2019 Raffle

Roughly every hour we will do a raffle where we pull table numbers. Everyone playing a game at a table number that is drawn will win a raffle prize (except the designer). All players at a winning table will be given a card that they can redeem for a raffle prize anytime that same day. We will have volunteers posted at the prize table to help you out.

In addition, we will pull badge numbers throughout the weekend to win a raffle prize. Anyone who registers for a free player badge will have additional chances to win.

Please Help Spread the Word

This is our seventh year. Every year tons of people contact us after the event sorry they missed it because they didn't hear about it in time. The world of board games is very insulated into small groups. Please help us reach your group(s) so nobody misses out. Think of who you could forwardthis to.

Thank you!