Gaming By Sea 2019



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GamingBySea 2019 was inspired by our love of big, “long” board games (Here I Stand, Civilization, and Twilight Imperium, for example) and the fact that we never seem to be able to get the same friends together enough times in a row to finish them, so we thought puttingeveryone together on a ship for a few days to make it happen would be a fun idea!

Visit our website ( for more details on the convention, cruise reservation information, and a Preliminary Gaming Schedule. Also, please be sure to Friend and/or Like us at our Facebook page ( to help spread the word.

In addition to the long games that will be the core of this event, we are scheduling a selection of heavy, but shorter, games; some rounds of lighter games; and will be offering a library of games to check-out (including some lighter, family-friendly games) for some open gaming – feel free to BYOG,also. You will be able to reserve a spot for the game you want to play and the time you want to play it – no hunting for players - or just throw a game on the table and grab some innocent bystanders to play!

Only the gamers will need a convention pass. Your friends and family can come along to enjoy the cruise – and we will be happy to let them play some of the lighter, family-friendly games, too – while you game as much as you want! This is a great way to entertain those that are not as much into gaming as you are. We will take breaks from most of the scheduled gaming during the shore excursions, to ensure you can spend time with your friends and family, if you like (there will still be games to play, in case you are enjoying the time on board).

We selected Charleston as the pointof departure to put the cruise within driving distance of much of the Southeast, while still offering an affordable airport for those who would rather fly or are further away. You can spend the weekend after we return touring beautiful, historic Charleston and we will be able to make some suggestions as we get closer to the event.

See the Preliminary GamingSchedule on the website for more details, but just some of the games we are considering include: Here I Stand, Gloomhaven, Pandemic: Legacy, Twilight Imperium 4, Great Western Trail, Diplomacy, GMT COIN, Brass: Birmingham, Eclipse, Fast Food Magnate, Terraforming Mars, Through the Ages, Puerto Rico, Gaia Project, Scythe, Civilization, Agricola, Dominant Species, and Caverna