Game On! The Guided Tour 2019



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Video games have progressed from simple black and white pixelated play to immersive epics that rival any blockbuster movie. But how did this happen?


During this special museum tour, our in-house gaming expertswill guide you through the history of video games from the seventies to the modern day.


The tour lasts around 30 minutes and provides an opportunity to discuss and even argue the merits and weaknesses of your favourite consoles and games!

The tour is free (although museum entry charges apply - £9 for adults, £6 for children, £7 for concessions and students, and £26 for a family ticket of two adults and two children). Museum staff will be on hand after the tour to locate specific games that you want to play from our archive of over 9000 games.


The tour starts at 2:00pm.  Booking is not required but will ensure your place on the tour. 

Tea, coffee and snacks will be available from our Pac Lunch Shop.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.