Made in Japan Festival 2019



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A month long festival celebrating the wide reaching influence Japan has had on computing and gaming - from the consoles of Nintendo, Sony and Sega to the computers of Fujitsu, Epson and MSX - and not forgetting the games of Capcom, Taito and Bandai.

Event lineups will be finalised soon, so please keep checking back, but events will include:


24th May: Rhythm Games - To get us in the mood, we'll start with a night of rhythm and music games with a Japanese theme - from Donkey Konga to Samba de Amigo (and many more!)


25th May: Retro Festival Japan - A chance to see the wide range of Japanese machines in our collection and from other collectors.


14th June: Retro Games Night - Japan! - All the best Japanese computers, consoles and games.


On normal museum opening days throughout the festival, we will have extra Japanese systems on display.


If you're interesting in getting involved, hostingan event or want more details, contact