Gamefest 2019



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Gamefest in Berlin is the B2C gaming event of gamesweekberlin. Covering more than
600sqm, it offers an incomparable experience for families and gamers in a relaxed, familyfriendly environment. Visitors can play different games, enjoy an extensive stage program
with local multiplayer tournaments, music acts and informative interviews and learn
something in practicalworkshops.

From AAA to creative indie titles to VR and board games, everything is possible. Attendees
are invited to explore real retro classics and make new friends and enemies in board games.
A real-life quest will guide you through the exhibition and reward you with amazing prizes.

The event is not a fair in the classical sense, but a celebration of what games have to offer.

*Please note that the event takes place in German.

Gamefest is part of gamesweekberlin, funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, a brand of and organized by Booster Space.