Womenize! Games and Tech 2019



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Official Website: https://www.gamesweekberlin.com/womenize/

Womenize! is an action program for females in Games and Tech, combining practical and
theoretical program parts. The format is designed specifically for professionals and emerging
talents in the fields of games, media and IT industry – including HR & culture managers,
decision makers, institutions and multipliers.
Womenize! connects people, features success stories and highlights on the many activities
offered to promote womenin the workplace. The initiative was born as a premium event of
the #gamesweekberlin 2015 and attracted more than 250 visitors from around theworld. The
next edition is taking place in Berlin during the gamesweekberlin 2019!

The event is open to all genders.

Womenize! Games and Tech is part of gamesweekberlin, funded by Medienboard Berlin-
Brandenburg, a brand of and organized by Booster Space.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/womenize-games-and-tech-2019-tickets-53174823328.