Board Games at Berkeley Con 2019



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We're excited to announce BGB Con, UC Berkeley's first board game convention. While the event will take place on campus, everyone is welcome. Here's what we have planned.

General admission tickets are currently $15, so as to admit the largest body of guests. Within the 9072 sq. ft space we have several gaming themed areas planned. We've set aside RPG, miniature, and card game sections for variety. However, We're most excited by our game library. Stocked with a huge selection of board games, both classic and new, we’ll alsohave game gurus moving from table to table explaining games to newer players. BGB Con will also cater to fans of digital gaming with VR and esportssections. Vendors, artists, local businesses, and game publishers are on hand to sell their wares. Industry experts, game designers and more will all be present as a rotating cast of speakers. Finally, a range of tournaments, game design competitions, card game drafts, raffles and more will run throughout the day. We're very excited by the event! If you're interested in working with us, drop us a comment on our facebook page.

Let me give you the details:

Board Games at Berkeley Con April 8, 2019. 11am-7pm. Pauley Ballroom, 2495 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720.