Game Music Festival 2018



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Heroes of Might and Magic, one of the most famous franchises ofstrategy games, has managed to assemble an amazing community of players and fans of the incredible music composed by Paul Anthony Romero. Our teamof had the honor to introduce that score to philharmonic halls in2017 when it was played live for the very first time by a full symphonic orchestra of the National Forum of Music.

That event, named by usThe Symphony of Heroes, drew hundreds of attendees to Wroclaw, Poland,where they could hear the world premiere of those unforgettable melodies in the form of three symphonic suites arranged specially for that occasion. The Symphony of Heroes is an elaborate work of art. After nearly two decades, the score brings to life the music form the second, third and fourth installment of Heroes of Might and Magic series in the form of brand new arrangements. Now, as part of the first Game Music Festival, the threeunique suites will be once again performed live by the full NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, eighty musicians total, conducted by award-winning maestro Adam Klocek.