Middle East Games Con 2018



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Official Website: https://www.me-gamescon.com/en/homepage.html

Join the region’s gaming fanatics, become your favourite characters and indulge in a world of immersive experiences and entertainment.

Meet YouTube stars and watch your online-world come to life in an oasis for tech, art and character enthusiasts - coming together to celebrate a love for all things gaming & anime. Created for fans, by fans – you’re invited to gametogether.

Everyone is welcome, come and join your community today.

Tickets: https://abu-dhabi.platinumlist.net/event-tickets/70490/middle-east-games-con-2018?utm_medium=Organic-Post&utm_source=GamesCon%20Website&utm_campaign=AET18AGC-BuyTickets-Navigation&utm_content=Get-Tickets.