Game Quality Forum Asia 2018



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The Game Quality Asia Forum 2018 is the only dedicated meeting point for management-level QA and localization professionals in thegames industry. Make sure you're there to:
Overcome linguistic barriers between publishers, developers and outsourced teams to increase collaborative efficiency
Engage and train your teams to test across a variety of platforms and devices
Combat culturalization challenges to ensure your game resonates with all audiences regardless of region
- Understand the tools available to test efficiently and effectively, improving game quality

See below members of the speaker faculty for the 2018 event:

  • Chris Ng, CEO and Co – Founder, XII Braves
  • Jasmine Phua, Director, Operations Process, Gumi Asia PTE
  • Jeff Windham, Localization Director, Capcom
  • Monnaporn Pongpa-ngan, Localization Director, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited
  • Allan Simonsen, Co-Founder, BoomzapEntertainment
  • Chris Wood, Chief Operating Officer, Pixelmatic
  • Adam Zainudin, Co Founder, Director, Game Designer, Pixel Mystique
  • Li Gong, QA Manager, Ubisoft Chengdu

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