Game Fest Brisbane 2018



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GameFest Brisbane 2018 is a social gaming event where a bunch of friendly folks get together for a weekend of tabletop board games, strategy games and role-playing games - some new games will be tried and some old favourites will be re-visited. 

Friendsof the organisers are invited, as are previous years attendees, as are their friends and their friends and their friends as are the guys we bumped into in the pub last Tuesday...  So, basically the whole Gamer-verse!  :-)

So, if you know someone you'd like to invite along or they know someone they'd like to invite and so-on, please let them know the details (once available) and ask them to Register.

Timing: This year's event will run all weekend from  Friday night, through Saturday til late that night, and again on Sunday morning til early -afternoon. 

What else is scheduled (besides games): There will be a dinner held (either on the premises or somewhere nearby) on Saturday night.

Venue: 'The Russian Club' club is located at 17/19 Trafalgar Street, Woolloongabba [NOT the one on Lotus St].