Game Quality Forum Europe 2018



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As we commence our 6th annual Game Quality Europe Forum we return to Berlin and for the first time we are bringing together all parts of the quality lifecycle with the introduction of our customer support and community management stream alongside our existing quality assuranceand localisation community. To ensure quality of games it is essential that all members of the quality process are communicating effectively and have the best tools and practices at hand, synergies must be recognised and communication emphasised. In a world where technology is rapidly developing and the reach of our games is further than ever before it is critical we work together to retain and engage players and ultimately to increase sales.

This year, we will focus on the great tools and technologies available to us and the best way to use them and how not touse them. Whilst tools and technologies are a huge factor in our daily roles, we must also ask ourselves, what  human tools can we employe to improve game quality?

We have the privilege of having a wonderful community, some of whom have been with us right from the very beginningand return year on year to continue the discussions and learn of new developments. We also continue to welcome new faces too, who enhance the forum and add a new depth and richness of perspective to the community. The Game Quality Forum would not be possible without this passionate community and we cannot wait to greet both old and new this June in Berlin – albeit at a new venue!