FanVest's Bay Area eSports Conference 2018


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When you think of the Bay Area, you think tech — it is, after all, the home of Silicon Valley. The Bay Area is also home to some of the most storiedfranchises in sports- including the 49ers, the Warriors, Raiders, A's and more. But the traditional definition of sports is moving to the back burner as eSports continues it's ascension to the top of the sports ecosystem. FanVest, as a friend of the Jimmy V Foundation, is offering you the rare opportunity to get inside the sharpest strategic and creative minds driving eSports innovation in the United States.

Come early and stay late for ample networking!


1) Justin Dellario, Global Head of eSports Programs, Twitch

2) Kirk Lacob, Golden State Warriors

3) Kristian Segerstrale, CEO, Super Evil MegaCorp

4) Andy Miller, Chairman, NRG eSports

5) DrDisRespect

6) Alex Vargas, COO, Bleacher Report

7) Ann Hand, CEO, Super League Gaming

8) Manny Anekal, Co-Founder, TNL Media

9) Spike Laurie, Vice President, ESL

10) Andrew Paradise, CEO & Founder, Skillz

11) Tobias Sherman, CEO & Co-Founder, FOUNDRY IV

12) Sumit Gupta, Founder, Boom.TV

13) Kyle Nelson, CMO, MVPindex

14) Tyler Endres, CEO, Esports Arena