CEBIT 2018



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The new, revamped CEBIT kicks off on Monday, 11 June, with an action-packed, star-studded conference program. The exhibition halls will be opening to visitors on Tuesday, 12 June. On “Take-off Monday”, digitization topics will be explored by a top-notch lineup of speakers appearing in various formats in the Convention Center (CC), as wellas at the “Welcome Night” evening event in Hall 11.

Opening with VR legend Jaron Lanier

The first highlight of theday will come when Jaron Lanier gives the Take-off Monday keynote address. Lanier is the barefoot philosopher of the digital world, known both as a pioneer of virtual reality and one of the fiercest critics of the Internet. He is an American computer scientist, entrepreneur, composer and author. Currently a scientist at Microsoft Research, his fundamental criticism of the business models of the world's major Internet companies won him the 2014 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade.