Intel Buzz Workshop Berlin 2018



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The Intel® Buzz Workshop is a one day event focusing on tech and content trends in the games industry. Experts from design,engineering and marketing discuss and present their perspectives on the current state and next developments. It includes businesstechnical and VR sessions as well as debates on diversity, networking, the opportunity to getfeedback from Intel experts and other speakers, plus a chance to featuregames in a selected (indie) games expo. The day is closed with an informal get together including free snacks and drinks! The event is free to attend. Pre-registration is required on this page!

In cooperation with Talk & Play.

Target groups:

Game developers, game designers, engineers, hardware hackers, students and the rest of the games industry.

Interested in exhibiting your game? APPLY for the game showcase through this form.

The Intel® Buzz Workshop Series started in2013 with a focus on bringing local game developer communities together to address the game industry's biggest challenges in gaming. The one-day event includes technical sessions, panels, networking, and the opportunity to troubleshoot your creations with Intel experts.

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