Game Quality Forum North America 2017



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The 5th annual North America event is the world's only two-day industry-only games conference dedicated to quality. After years of increasingly holistic discussions in both America and Europe, we are excited and proud to be formerly including Customer Services and renaming the Game QA & Localization conference to the far more apt Game Quality Forum.

The expectations of gamers continue to grow, with customers now seemingly demanding flawless, AAA-level experiences, irrespective of studio size or resources. The slightest slip-up - whether that be graphical bugs, issues with transactions or unexpected delays - can significantly damage a game's reputation. In order for any studio or publisher to beable to deliver this, every individual and every team need to take ownership of quality in their arena and work together effectively. 

TheGame Quality Forum continues to be the world’s only meeting place dedicated to bringing game QA, producers, localization, customer services and senior studio & publisher leadership together in order to discuss how the quality bar for games can be raised. Increasingly holistic and senior-level, it now plays an essential role in the calendar of many of the world’s leading game developers and publishers.