IndieSpeak 2019



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Video Game Creators and for those of you who want to make video games! Get educated with awesome insight on making independent games. Promote yourselfand your projects with confidence to other creatives at IndieSpeak.

IndieSpeak is a speaker and independent video game showcase event that features experienced keynote speakers from popular game studios and video game titles to share their valuable knowledge.

Game developers andgame enthusiasts come to IndieSpeak to showcase their projects, expand their networks, connect with the game development community, and learn from successful indie game devs.

Speakers featured will be highly regarded independent game developers covering a range of topics from programming, art, game design, to post-mortems, biz dev, and how to market your game.

The event will also include an exhibit floor featuring the following:

• Indie Game Booths from up and coming independent developers and game studios

• Mentor Tables with industry professionals providing feedback and assessments of your portfolio and resumes.

• Networking and team building activities to boost the indie dev communities