Use your PSP as a second PC display

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Its been while, the last version was released back in December. But PSPdisp is back with a whole new bunch of features. Release 0.5 of this dual monitor application for PSP and PC. Change log is pretty huge so this is a substantial release from JJS software.


Developer Notes:


You need a Custom Firmware or Homebrew Enabler to run PSPdisp. It should be compatible with any version from at least 3.40 OE on. If you are looking for a Custom Firmware to convert your PSP to, you might want either 5.50 GEN D3 or 5.00 M33-6. If your PSP 2000/3000 got 5.03 official firmware, get ChickHEN. PSPdisp is not compatible with the Half Byte Loader, therefore it will not run on any PSP Go or later 2000/3000 models with a firmware other than 5.03.


New PSP features:

new menu system

all options can be customized in the menu

it is now possible to switch between WLAN and USB mode without restarting the game

up to 5 server IP addresses can be stored

more CPU speed options

screen brightness can be fully customized

most PC settings can now be changed from the PSP


New features on the PC:

WLAN and USB mode can be enabled at the same time

new option for scaling the mouse cursor

new viewport sizes for magnifying the screen content (2x, 4x, 8x)

basic password system for WLAN mode

restructured menu with less submenus

display driver now working on 32 and 64 Bit Vista / 7 (Aero Glass theme will be disabled)

audio streaming now possible in SideShow mode and when display streaming is disabled

audio sample rate can now be configured (11 kHz, 22 kHz and 44 kHz)

new option for less CPU intensive, but also less pretty image stretching

new control file option for simulating a double click


Bug fixes:

restored functionality on 3.71 M33 and 5.50 GEN-B

various other small fixes



visai idomiai atrodo.Valdosi patogiai, tik va gerai butu kad veiktu nuo bet kurio wi-fi spoto o kad taip veiktu tai reikia padaryt stai ka


You can connect via a wlan spot if you complete the following steps:

>Get a DyneDNS account

>Configure your computer’s IP to be set as the IP of the domain you make

>Set your PSP to connect to the DyneDNS domain


bet kaip tai ^^ padaryti nesuprantu jei kas suprantat bukit zmones paaiskinkit.




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