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    OSRS Mobile: Making the Combat Triangle Work

    OSRS Mobile: How Does The Combat Triangle Work?

    The arrival of OSRS on the mobile platform opened the door to a new generation getting the opportunity to play one of the most beloved MMORPG titles of all time. However, getting started in the game can be a daunting task, especially without certain knowledge that would become advantageous to you along the way. So before you head out on your first quest for OSRS Gold, make sure you have the Combat Triangle down as it is one of the many foundations of Old School RuneScape.

    What is the Combat Triangle?

    The combat triangle is made up of three classes; Warriors, Rangers, and Mages. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the primary motive of the triangle is to determine which combat method is more or less effective. It doesn't work as something that will alter the outcome of a battle, but it will give the player an idea of what method to use going forward.

    Which Class Should I Take?

    Warriors have a host of advantages, particularly against the Ranger class. Rangers can use projectiles, which can be deflected by the Warrior's armor, while their weapons are especially useful against the armor of the other two classes. With Rangers wearing leather armor and mages taking on the stereotypical robe, Warriors' arsenal usually proves effective in penetrating their enemies from the two differing classes.

    Players tend to side with melee combat, as it is the most basic yet useful technique against their opponents. This method offers not only a higher damage output, but it also works well from a defensive point of view against other melee attacks and projectiles. There is also less of a consumable hindrance than using ranged attacks, or even magic.

    As you can probably tell by now, each class works well against a different one. Where Warriors are strong against Rangers, the Ranger class is very useful against Mages. This is because the Mage's method of choice in attacking is predominantly spell-based, which can be absorbed by the Rangers' armor. We previously discussed that the melee method of combat is the most common and most effective, but a close second to this is Ranged combat. This is because it allows players to not only attack from a distance, but it also has a relatively cheap consumable cost and a decent damage output.

    Are There Weaknesses to Take Note Of?

    A weakness of the Warrior class is battling against Mages. Should you choose the Mage class, you will have a distinct advantage over Warriors, so long as you play smart. While Mages don't have the luxury of the armor of Warriors and Rangers, the spells they can conjure up have several status impacts on their opponents. These include the ability to confuse, stun, weaken, bind and even freeze their foes, with freezing becoming particularly useful in situations where you are faced with someone who is melee-focused.

    What Else Should I Know?

    The triangle itself highlights what is most effective according to each class. As stated, the Warrior can use its armor handily against ranged attacks, though it isn't particularly helpful against Mages and their spells. So switching out from the metal armor to ranged armor, the ball is more in your court than before. Where this armor is more effective against magic players, Rangers can also cut down the advantages of the Warrior by increasing their defence by equipping items such as helmets, plus maintaining the distance required.

    As for Mages, they can turn the tides against the other two classes by swapping out some of their typical armor for shields or chain bodies. Whilst this may have an impact on the amount of magic damage that is dished out, it will significantly increase your defence chances, which is a small sacrifice to make between life and death in the game.

    There is also the option to be a Hybrid, which would give players a chance to stand on more than a single point in the combat triangle. Whilst this gives the player more options in battle, it does have its own downside of affecting the inventory space available, and also the effectiveness of the equipment.

    Knowledge of the combat triangle is important in Old School Runescape(OSRS), but it is a highly useful tool to use to gain the upper hand and turn the tide when needed. With these tips, you should be ready to head out and earn the coveted OSRS Gold and etch your name in Old School RuneScape lore!

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