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Policenauts (ポリスノーツ, Porisunōtsu?) is a cinematic adventure game, with a hard science fiction storyline published by Konami, written and directed by Hideo Kojima. It was initially released for the PC-9821 computer platform in 1994, followed by remade versions for the 3DO in 1995, and the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1996. The game has never been officially released outside Japan, despite plans for an English localization of the Saturn version. On August 23, 2009, an unofficial English translation patch was released onto the internet.


ir kodel gi prisimenam sita sena Konami darba? ogi del to kad vakar pagaliau isejo english patch playstation versijai ,kuri galima rasti STAI CIA


This is version 1.00 of the PlayStation Policenauts English fan translation. What follows is a list of changes made to the base game.


- Well, of course, all Japanese text is now in English. This includes gameplay scenes, voiced-over regular cutscenes, full-motion video cutscenes, and mini-games. There is not a single Japanese character left.


- The script was translated by Marc Laidlaw (not the Valve employee), who is a professional video game translator who has worked on AAA videogames, but due to the nature of non-disclosure agreements, I will just say that you will have to trust me that the translation was in very good hands.


- Graphics were changed too, proprietary compression be damned. Some changes were necessary: like the character indentifiers/captions (character introductions) are now in English, as well as any graphical text meant to be read natively by the player. When I said there is not one even one Japanese character left, I wasn't kidding!


- Graphical glitches fixed. The PS version of Policenauts did ship with a few of these - these glitches are no longer present.


- Graphical mistakes fixed. There were even out and out mistakes (i.e. icons signifying the wrong items, name-tags given to the wrong character) that were fixed. Though these were very few, they were fixed as well.


- Opening/ending credits in English.


- Inapporpriate options removed. Some of the game options related to the text (whether to include furigana), and were removed where no longer appropriate for the English translation.


- Character introductions (captions) can now be toggled! Yes, we even added a feature for the lone beta tester or two who didn't like Metal Gear Solid-style captions.


- Uncensored?! Yes, for whatever reason, there was a text choice locked (with no method to unlock) in the original game that we have made available. There is no code to enter; it is available from the get-go.


As you can see, this is a pretty thorough modification on the original game.


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