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Creat Studios recently announced its next PlayStation Network exclusive title in the form of a stylised, 2D physics- and vehicle-based platform game called TerRover.


TerRover will see players taking control of a small off-road vehicle conveniently named… TerRover (short for Terrain Rover?), with the aim of exploring new planets and collecting valuable items.


In order to navigate through the world, your little TerRover will be able to jump over obstacles, as well as climb (and fall) to different heights of a level. As it’s a physics-based game, there’ll be plenty of spinning and/or moving obstacles to steer your way through.


It looks as though Creat will be injecting a healthy amount of personality into TerRover, as the vehicle itself has a little head and face that changes expressions depending on the situation players find themselves in, and during different events.


The position of the head can also be changed during the game, and will form the basis of a core gameplay mechanic in TerRover – depending on where the head is positioned, TerRover will accelerate forwards or backwards on the screen, and you can also move the position of the head from the top of the vehicle to the bottom depending on the vehicle’s orientation.


On top of a meaty-sounding singleplayer campaign, TerRover will include a local multiplayer mode for up to four players.


No set release date has been announced for TerRover, but you can probably expect it to appear on the PlayStation Network a little later this year.










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