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War Thunder

War Thunder

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    • Mac
    • PC
    • Xbox One
    • PlayStation 4
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  • Kūrėjas

    • Gaijin Entertainment
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    • Gaijin Entertainment
  • Temos

    • World War II
    • Vietnam
    • Modern Military
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    War Thunder is a free-to-play air, ground and naval combat game set in the World War II, Cold War and Modern eras.

War Thunder

Apie žaidimą

War Thunder is a free-to-play air, ground and naval combat game set in the World War II, Cold War and Modern eras.


War Thunder is an MMO-style combat game about World War II, Cold War and modern military vehicles. Like its primary competitor, War Thunder offers all three major types of warfare (aerial, naval, ground), but does this in one single game and allows to control jets, helicopters and modern tanks as well. Players controlling air and ground or air and naval forces fight on the same battlegrounds.

Aerial Combat

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The aerial portion of War Thunder was originally called World of Planes. The name was changed due to perceived confusion with's World of Warplanes. It features period accurate planes and locations from 1939 to the late XX century. Many historical battles from the second world war and the Korean war are represented as maps.

There are multiple difficulty modes depending upon how much realism you desire. Arcade mode is essentially a more simplistic multiplayer shooter while historical battles mode will require more advanced techniques like taking off and landing during battles and realistic damage modelling.

There are five countries represented in War Thunder; United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Japan, and Germany. There are two more planned countries which have yet to be included in the game; Australia and Italy. Each have their own unlock trees and sets of planes. As one is levelled, that progress is not transferred to the others. Within each nationality the player has a hangar holding 3-7 planes of their own with many levelling and customisation options. Researching planes and upgrading crews use a mixture of various currencies; some earned in gameplay, some purchased with money.


The War Thunder aerial alpha ran from October 2011 to March 2012.


Crashing without a tail in the beta.
Crashing without a tail in the beta.

The closed beta began in March 2012 and concluded in October 2012. On Nov. 1, 2012 the game entered open beta. Gaijin Entertainment has stated the stats and progression earned by players during the open beta will not be reset when the game goes into full release. Purchasable upgrades and currency were also live as of the open beta. The game is downloaded via Gaijin's website as a free client, but on Feb. 26, 2013 the game passed Steam Greenlight and is due for release in the coming months.


Here is a list of currently available and planned aircraft as of the beta release. Italics = Planned, but not in yet. Bold = Premium Content.

Germany (Air Arm, Luftwaffe)

Arado 234Bf.109E-3Bf.109F-4Bf.109F-4/tropBf.109G-10Bf.109G-2
Do-217J-2Do-217K-1Do-217M-1Fw 190 D-13 DoraFw.190A-5Fw.190D-12
Captured:Wellington Mk 1CP-47DLa-5FN

Japan (Imperial Japanese Army/Navy Air Service, 大日本帝国陸軍航空部隊)

A5M4A6M2 ZeroA6M2-N ZeroA6M3 ZeroA6M5 Zero
A6M3 mod 22Ki-10Ki-49-llb/LG5N1G8N1
A6M5 KoFw.190-A5Bf.109E-3

Ki-45 ko

Ki-45 otsu
Ki-45 teiKi-45 heiHagiri's A5M4



United Kingdom (Royal Air Force)

Beaufighter Mk.VICBeaufighter Mk.XBlenheim Mk.IVBoston Mk.IDB-7
Dewoitine D.520Gladiator Mk.IIGladiator Mk.IIFGladiator Mk.IISHavoc Mk.I
Hellcat F Mk.IHurricane Mk.IHurricane Mk.IIBLancaster Mk.IIIMeteor F.3
Meteor F.4 LWMeteor F.4 SWMeteor F.8Mosquito FB Mk.VISea Meteor F.3
Spitfire Mk XVISpitfire Mk.ISpitfire Mk.IISpitfire Mk.IXSpitfire Mk.VB
Spitfire Mk.VCSwordfish Mk.ITempest Mk.VTyphoon Mk.IATyphoon Mk.IB
Typhoon Mk.IB/LWellington Mk.IcWellington Mk.Ic/LWellington Mk.IIIWellington Mk.X
Mustang Mk 1AFury Mk IFury Mk IINimrod Mk ITuck's Gladiator Mk.II
Dewoitine D.521

United States (United States Army Air Forces)

A-20GB-17EB-17E/LB-17G F-86A-5F2A-3
F4F-3F4F-4F4U-1AF4U-1D F6F-3OS2U-1
OS2U-3P-26A-33P-26A-34P-26A-34 M2 P-26A-35P-26B-35
P-40E-1P-47D ThunderboltP-51D-5 MustangSBD-3 TBF-1CP-39N-0
P-39Q-5P-63P-38GF2A-1 B-25J-1B-25J-20
B-24DPBY-5 CatalinaPBY-5a CatalinaXP-38G A-26C-45Spitfire Mk IX
XP-55 AscenderXP-50Thach's F2A-1 BuffaloP-36 Rasmussen's P-36A Hawk

USSR (Military Air Forces, Военно-воздушные силы СССР)

I-153PI-16 Type 28IL-10IL-2 SturmovikIL-2M
MiG-9P-39K-1P-39Q-15Pe-2 (1-20)Pe-2 (110-204)
Pe-2 (205-358)Pe-2 (21-82)Pe-2 (83-109)Pe-2 (359+)Pe-3
Pe-3 earlyPe-3bisPo-2SB 2M-100SB 2M-100A
SB 2M-100A (Span)SB 2M-103SB 2M-103 MV-3SB 2M-103USB 2M-103U MV-3
SB 2M-105Su-2Su-2 M-82Su-2 MV-5SU-2 TSS-1
I-15I-153 M-62I-16 Type 18MiG-9/LBB-1
PBY-5aP-40E-1P-63A-5Zhykovsky's I-153-M62I-15bis

Australian planes are included under UK:

Australia (Royal Australian Air Force)

Beaufighter Mk.21Beaufort Mk.VIIIBoomerang Mk.IBoomerang Mk.IIWirraway

Italian planes are included under Germany:

Italy (Italian Royal Air Force, Regia Aeronautica Italiana)

CR.42 FalconG.50 Freccia seris 2G.50 Freccia seris 7ASM.C.200 serie 3M.C.200 serie 7
M.C.202S.79 of 1936S.79 of 1937S.79 of 1939S.79 of 1941
S.79B IAR K14-IIS.79bis of 1942S.79bis of 1943Marcolin's CR.42CN

Naval Combat

The naval combat portion of War Thunder will focus mostly on small water navies, featuring vehicle types such as torpedo boats, river boats and gun boats among others. The decision to focues on small water navies instead of full-blown capital ships was made because the developers found it hard to make the latter fit within the game; a realistic approach resulted in matches taking far too long, but speeding the ships up made it too arcade-y and unrealistic.

Naval combat were first announced on the 12th of August 2016 along with two premium vehicle pre-order packs that included access to closed bre-beta testing. It was also announced that unlike ground forces, naval combat would launch with all five nations at the same time. The first closed pre-beta test was held on the 2nd of December 2016, with another following a few days later.

Ground Combat

The first three countries that will have playable ground vehicles are United States, Germany and the Soviet Union. The other countries will be added over time.

Here is a list of the currently confirmed set of vehicles.


Assault GunTank DestroyerLight TankMedium Tank Heavy Tank
Stug III Asuf.AJgdPz 38tPz.Kpfw II Ausf.CPz.KpfW.III Ausf.EPz.KpfW.IV Ausf.FPz.KpfW.VI Ausf.H
Stug III Asuf.CStug IVPz.Kpfw II Ausf.FPz.KpfW.III Ausf.FPz.KpfW.IV Ausf.F2Pz.KpfW.VI Ausf.E
Stug III Asuf.FJgdPz IV L48Pz.Kpfw.35tPz.KpfW.III Ausf.JPz.KpfW.IV Ausf.GPz.KpfW.VI Ausf.B (P)
Stug III Asuf.GPz IV L70Pz.Kpfw.38tPz.KpfW.III Ausf.LPz.KpfW.IV Ausf.HPz.KpfW.VI Ausf.B (H)
Stug III Asuf.G (skb)Jadgpanther Pz.KpfW.III Ausf.MPz.KpfW.V Ausf.DPz.KpfW.VI Ausf.B mit KwK 46
StuH III Asuf.GFerdinand Pz.KpfW.III Ausf.NPz.KpfW.V Ausf.A
Elefant Pz.KpfW.IV Ausf.CPz.KpfW.V Ausf.G
Jagdtiger Pz.KpfW.IV Ausf.EPz.KpfW.V Ausf.F
Panther II

Soviet Union

Self-propelled gun Light Tank Medium Tank Heavy Tank
ZIS-30SU-100T-26BT-5T-28T-34-85 D-5TT-34IS-1
SU-76SU-122T-40BT-7T-28ET-34-85 ZIS-53KV-1 L11IS-2 year 43
SU-76MSU-152T-50BT-7AT-34 L11T-44KV-1 ZIS-5IS-2 year 44
SU-85ISU-122T-60BT-7MT-34 F34T-54 year 47KV-1EIS-3
SU-85MISU-152T-70 T-34-57T-54 year 49KV-2IS-4
T-80 T-34 year 42T-54 year 51KV-85

Light TanksMedium TanksHeavy TanksSPAAPremium TanksGift Tanks
M2A4T2 Medium TankM4A3 (105) HVSSM13M2A4 (1st. Arm. Div.)M3A1 Stuart (USMC)
M3 StuartM3 LeeM6A1M16M4A3E2 Jumbo "Cobra King"M8A1
M3A1 StuartM4A1M4A3E2 JumboM15M26E1Grant I
M5A1 StuartM4M4A3E2 (76) W JumboM19M46 Patton (73 Tank Batalion)
M22 LocustM4A2T32M42 Duster
M24 ChaffeeM4A1 (76) WM103
M41A1 Walker BulldogM4A2 (76) W
M4A3 (76) W HVSS
M26 Pershing
M46 Patton
M47 Patton II

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: 2,2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 7XXX series or higher; AMD Radeon 1XXX series or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space


  • OS: Windows 7,
  • Processor: dual-core 2,4 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 460 or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space



Kūrėjas: Gaijin Entertainment
Gaijin Entertainment
Žaidimo variklis:
Žanras: Action / Simulation / F2P
Režimai: Online
Išleidimo data: 2012 10 31





War Thunder will "have more than 300 historically accurate WWII military vehicles available at launch," though fans can expect "hundreds more" in future updates that will be simultaneous with the PC version.

Players can enlist in co-op, single and multiplayer battles by downloading War Thunder for free from the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive "some bonus content."

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lektuvai aisku bus grazu ir labai cool kai ilipsi i tanka :spiderp:


tai lyg world of tanks tik next gen


..visada norejau pamegint world of tanks cia bus dar geriau atrodo :megusta:

..sparnus graziai ten nukerta medziai.. :troll:


istorinis rezimas ir arkadinis .. :gusta:

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jeigu gales sitas zaidimas palaikyt visus PC valdymo budus ir ant PS4 , tai niekas netrukdys ir kitiem PS4 zaidimam juos palaikyt. jei tik kurejai nores. :megusta:


War Thunder supports keyboard, mouse, flight sticks on PS4


The free-to-play PlayStation 4 aerial combat game War Thunder will support a variety of PC peripherals and alternate input options when it premieres later this month, developer Gaijin Entertainment told Kotaku.


Gaijin president Anton Yudintsev notes that players will be able to use a traditional keyboard-and-mouse setup during gameplay. War Thunder also includes support for PC flight sticks, and player head-tracking is an option via the PlayStation Camera peripheral.


While the PlayStation 3 allowed developers to take advantage of alternate input devices, very few games included native support for a keyboard-and-mouse setup. Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 was one of the first PS3 games to allow users to play with a keyboard and mouse, and the recent Dust 514 supported a variety of input devices.


War Thunder will launch worldwide on November 29.

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prase tanku , dave tanku, prase pestininku, atrodo kad prades testuos ir juos jau neuzilgo. kaip matoma jie taikosi i lektuvus ore , gan normaliai atrodo ir juda padoriai. atsirastu dar daugiau kovos budu, ir dar didesnis pliusas PS4 , nes tai pigiau nei gera pc siam zaidimui susirinkt

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parsisiunčiau, bet tik tutorialą su lėktuvuku pabandžiau. bandysim pakalt kai laiko bus

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pc cross play su ps4


PS4 zaidejai pazymeti su zvaigzdute pries nika kad issiskirtu

 buvau pamirses kad tai buvo viena priezasciu ps4 isigyt del tokiu nemokamau zaidimu kaip sitas

..aisku vistiek reikia aiskintis kieno grafika geresne.. :trl:

stai ir atejo laikai kai konsoles gali cross playint su pc be prob. daugiau tokiu projektu reikia

jei ka ps4 versija atrodo kaip pc ant highest settingu . tai no prob su grafika


"Right now the console version of War Thunder looks as good as PC one on highest settings. PS4 is a very powerful machine and our developers will be getting only better with is in the coming years. Being an MMO allows you to always keep your game up to date in terms of graphics, so we’re going to take full advantage of that," said Kulikov.


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Pirmas panasaus tipo online zaidimas kuris tikrai uzkabino. Tik grindinimo daugokai kad kazka gaut geresnio, bet kai zaidimas toks geras tai visos kovos idomios ir nepabosta. Ir kur daugiau rasi tokiu autentisku ww lektuvu, ant tiek detalizuotu su visu skirtingu valdymu ir pan.... Super. Kol kas tik lektuvus ismeginau bet amazing, po nuobodziu world of tanks kovu tai cia tikra palaima ore, vejas svilpia, varikliau gaudzia, kulkosvaidziai tratina... Garsai irgi auksciausio lygio, spec efektai... Tikras karas ;) ir uz dyka.

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naujas update, naujas game engine, nauji Nvidia efektai , nauji mapai , nauji tankai.



Gaijin Entertainment has released War Thunder’s 1.53 Firestorm update. This update introduces the Dagor Engine 4.0 that supports Physically Based Rendering, as well as NVIDIA Gameworks-based advanced structure destruction systems and impressively realistic water effects.

 You can read the full changelog for this update here



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naujausias zaidimo updeitas 1.77 paupdeitins visa engine i Dagor 5.0 . su naujais vizualais , efektais, nauja technika bei naujais garsais . grozis bus jau beveik fotorealistiskas. 


Gaijin Entertainment today announced the release of major Update 1.77 ‘Advancing Storm’ for its vehicular combat MMOG War Thunder. “Advancing Storm” introduces War Thunder to Gaijin’s new and improved Dagor 5.0 engine. The update also adds nearly two dozen new vehicles, including five next generation tanks on Rank VI: the M1 Abrams, Challenger 1, Leopard 2K, T-64B and AMX-30B2 Brenus.

Among the graphical improvements introduced with Dagor Engine 5.0 are technologies like Global Illumination (GI) and Contact Shadows. Together with photorealistic weather effects, volumetric fog and smoke, War Thunder is now visually more much more life-like and detailed. Also new is Temporal Anti-Aliasing (Variance Clipping TAA), an anti-aliasing algorithm that greatly reduces the visible “noise” on distant vegetation, smooths the appearance of objects, and adds more detail to surfaces. Furthermore, the creation of landscapes was improved with the addition of visible reliefs via displacement mapping, resulting in much more visually diverse environments. Roads, for example, now have potholes, ruts and may show puddles of slush, water or mud – with the latter depending on the current weather and type of terrain. These landscape changes are visible to players on all graphics settings.

Accompanying the visual improvements is a complete redesign of in-game sound effects. Each shot effect is now created from several layers of sounds that correspond to peak and residual effects. Thus, experienced tankers are now able to determine the caliber of the cannon that fired the shot, even from distance. The effects themselves received additional details, so players can now hear the sound of cases dropping as they fire, or the working loading mechanisms of their cannons. Aircraft sounds are more vibrant and powerful. Further improvements are also planned for future updates.

Several next generation main battle tanks of the 1970s and 1980s now reinforce the arsenal of War Thunder on Rank VI: the U.S. M1 Abrams, British Challenger 1, German Leopard 2K, Soviet T-64B and French AMX-30B2 Brenus. All of them boast powerful weapons, armor, high speed, and mobility. Noteworthy here is the special cannon of the T-64B that allows it to fire ‘Cobra’ guided anti-tank missiles and the AMX-30B2 Brenus’ powerful reactive armor. Some of the vehicles introduced with Update 1.77 are still in service today.




nzn kam patinka anu laiku technika lektuvai ir tankai tai nieko geriau nera mano manymu. sitas ir World of Tanks. bet sitas labiau prie realistiskumo ir cia lektuvai ir tankai. tik lengva tai nera lost. bet uztai visiskai Free. 


naujo engine screenai tai tikrai ispudingai atrodo. 


karscio bangos efektai. pagalvojau kad suluzo vamzdis  :troll:



visi updeito pakeitimai ir nauju vizualu pavyzdziai cia :

kazkada ant pc meginau po to ant PS4 Pro ten jau visai grazu buvo , bet cia bus vel naujas lygis. kaip nekeista nedaro ten tipo War Thunder 2 , o tiesiog esama engine updeitina i naujausia versija. kad visi zaidimai taip galetu 

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Va sita geri jau parsisiunciau. Bet kolkas zaidziu tik tanku moda su lektuvais kazkaip nezinau man dar nevisai limpa.

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žaidžiu war thundr onlaine tai galiu pasakyti kad neblogai duri mus visus kurejai. Aišku kam pingu negaila galite žaisti bet man netika kai vagia pinigus sukčiauja su rangais ir t.t. galima vardinti visa eile suktybiu. niekam nerekomenduoju žaisti onlaine war thunder nebent esate dosnus sponsoriai :)

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    • @Impaler, na gero naudojimo. Svarbiausia kad išsirinkai ką norėjai.
    • Prieš keletą dienų laužiau galvą rinkdamasis nauja monitorių darbui ir žaidimams. Pavyko, bet pirma apie procesą. Rinkausi būtent 27 colių ir būtent 1080p raiškos. Kodėl? Nes paprasčiausiai 1440p ar 4K ekranuose tekstas/detalės yra PER SMULKIOS dirbant ant native rezoliucijos. Monitorius pas mane stovi ~95 cm atstumu nuo akių, tai noro smeigti nosį į monitorių neturiu, kad įžiūrėčiau kas jame rodoma Naudoti Windows siūlomą SCALING - ne išeitis. Padidinus scale 125% ar 150% vis tiek nėra to tikrojo ryškumo. Scale'inasi pusę velnio tik tekstas naršyklėje, visa kita - nekokybiškai. Programų langai išplaukę, ikonos, foto irgi. Suprantu, kad žaidžiant tai yra visiškai ne rodiklis, bet pirmiausia pas mane darbas. Nuėjęs į Elektromarkt su laptopu buvau prisijungęs prie 3 skirtingų monitorių, kad prieičiau šių išvadų. Anyway, po galybės reviews'ų skaitymų apsistojau ties šiuo variantu ViewSonic Elite XG270. (nemaišyti su XG2705). Kaina ~370-380 eur. Laukiu, kol pristatys už poros sav. Šis monitorius uždėjo daugiausiai varnelių ir nors kaina ne maža, tačiau tikiuosi bus verta to, ką monitorius suteiks: 240 hz, 1ms lagas, nvidia ir amd sync režimai, kad nebutų tear'ingo,  ergonomika, didelis brightness cd/m², IPS panelė. Gaila tik, kad gaming monitoriai kažkodėl su glossy paviršiais nedraugauja. Būčiau norėjęs glossy dėl dar geresnių spalvų. Kiti modeliai apie kuriuos svarsčiau buvo XG2705 bei LG 27GL650F, bet nutariau netrupint ir imti maximum variantą XG270. Atkreipti dėmesį noriu, kad kažkodėl šis monitorius beveik nebuvo iš viso įtrauktas į kokius tai best monitors ir t.t. sąrašus, kur jam tikrai vieta. Per atsitiktinumą apie jį sužinojau vienam IGN'o straipsnyje tik. Kai išbandysiu pasidalinsiu įspūdžiais.  
    • Džiaugios kad visgi sugebėjo išleisti iki metų pabaigos, jau sakiau kad nusimatis puiki metų pabaiga, kitų metų pradžia. Savo laiku buvau nusipirkęs konsoline GOTY versija, bet negalėjau žaist, nes per prastai po PC atrodė, bet dabar bus galima eit iš naujo😉 Įdomu ar esama prieš upgraida reikėtu nukopijot į konsoles SSD ar pati persikels, nes pas mane į HDD storage įrašyta kaip ps4 žaidimas. P. S. keista kaip pasikeitė žaidimo pomegiai per kelis metus. Wild Hunt išėjo lygtais 2015 m., ir yra ganetinai didelis open worldas, bet perėjau be problemų, o dabar...
    • padare siuolaikiskai, kaip koks jrpg  bet ir gerai, greit panaudot gali, patogu. kamera irgi padare is arti, kaip kad sony zaidimai. tik kazkaip keistokai atrode. atrodytu kaip vaizda istempia
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