PlayStation 4 User's Guide

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PlayStation 4 User's Guide



BF4 Remote Play trumpai




Apie PS4 Iterface:


  • You can have two groups of PSN friends: regular friends and "true" friends. To be true friends, or BFFs, you both have to agree. Regular friends will just show up on your lists and games by their handles, but the machine will display true friends' real names, so you don't have to keep remembering that SexCowboy77 is actually Kirk Hamilton.

  • Multitasking is super-easy. If you double-tap the PlayStation button on the DualShock 4, you'll swap between your last two applications. So if you play a game, then pause to look at your friends list, it's easy to switch back to where you left off. No saving required. This is the future!

  • There's a whole hub for broadcasting. This is a system built for sharing and streaming—Sony's so into this stuff that they even put a share button on the controller. The PS4 will automatically record up to 15 minutes of your gameplay, and you can edit/trim that footage using a snappy interface that seems to work well. (We didn't get our hands on it, but we'll have more definitive thoughts when we do.) You can also broadcast live gameplay on Twitch or Ustream, and you can search for keywords on the system's broadcast hub to see what people are sharing at any given moment. This could be big.

  • The homepage shows what your friends are doing. You'll see things like "Stephen just started streaming Knack" or "Evan is playing Killzone: Shadow Fall." You can interact with your friends from that page.

  • As you download a game, you can start playing it almost immediately. It'll take a minute or two for the system to install enough data for you to start a game, but you won't have to wait for the software to download completely—which is good, because these games are big. Different games will allow you to prioritize based on how you want to play while they download—Call of Duty: Ghosts, for example, will let you choose whether you want to start playing single- or multi-player, and then you'll download the bits accordingly.

  • Playing as a guest will let you sign in on other peoples' PS4s. You can just choose "play as guest" and sign in on your own account. It'll automatically wipe all of your data when you're done with the machine.

  • You can watch Netflix without a PlayStation Plus subscription. Okay, so this isn't a fun fact about the UI, and really, we already knew this would be the case, but it's pretty damn cool that Sony isn't locking this stuff behind a paywall. On Xbox One, just like on the 360, you'll need Xbox Live Gold to use Netflix and other media services.

  • The machine is designed to stay in stand-by mode. And it'll charge your DualShock 4 while it's resting. FINALLY.

  • The PS4 is shaped like a parallelogram. Not a rhombus. Just FYI.

How Trophies Work On PS4




Trophies on the PlayStation 4 are coming back with a twist. Sony's new console won't just store your achievements—it'll tell you the rarity of each Trophy you earn.


We saw the new feature in action today during a demo of the PS4's system interface at a big press event tied to the console's Friday launch.


The system will list each Trophy a player has earned and will classify them as common, rare, very rare, or ultra rare. Trophies are still also designated as bronze, silver, gold and platinum to denote the difficulty in obtaining them. Rarity, however, is a dynamic quality that will be calculated online across the PlayStation userbase. A Trophy might prove rare because it is tough to get, or it might be rare because few people have bothered to play the game it's in. Rarity can change over time.


As best we can tell, the rest of the PS4's Trophy system matches what is on the PS3 and Vita. Earning Trophies still fills a progress bar that gradually levels up the numerical rank of the person who earned them. Trophies still have to sync online. They can still be earned offline.


The PS4 Trophy interface lists Trophies that the player has earned on PS4, PS3 and Vita.

"Sony's new console won't just store your achievements—it'll tell you the rarity of each Trophy you earn."


Sitas man patinka :omg:

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[*]Multitasking... last two applications... This is the future!

Mažais mažais žingsneliais vejamės praėjusio dešimtmečio technologijas :D

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viska susumavus



PlayStation 4 UI is “super-slick and quick.”

PlayStation Eye can log you into your PlayStation 4 like Kinect can your Xbox One, but you have to be holding the DualShock 4 in specific spots.

Double-tapping the PlayStation button lets you quickly swap between your last two applications.

When you sign in as a guest, all of your data will be automatically deleted when you sign out of a system. No more creating a profile and having to delete it afterward.

PlayStation 4 can upload and download while in standby mode.

You can charge your controllers via USB even when the system’s power is off.

While you can use the d-pad to scroll over letters while typing on the on-screen keyboard, you can also use the DualShock 4′s motion sensor to move a target over the on-screen keyboard. Sony is also working on touchpad typing.



You have to send someone a “Name Request” to see their real name on PlayStation Network. There is no “Accept All Name Requests” function, but Sony “made it sound like that was coming in the future.”

You can turn off updates from individual friends.

You can send 15-second voice messages and attach screenshots. Voice messages can also be listened to on the smartphone PlayStation App.



You can broadcast gameplay for as long as you like.

You can choose with whom you want to share videos and screenshots with. For example, if you have a group of friends that play Killzone: Shadow Fall, you can share your Killzone media with only them.

The system features an integrated Twitch browser, which showcases live, ongoing streams and enableds players to search for specific users. Favorites and channel shortcuts are not supported at launch, but may be added in the future.



Trophies now have rarity. You’ll be able to see how many other PlayStation Network users have earned specific trophies. Rarity levels include common, rare, very rare, and ultra rare. The Catherine trophy “The Golden Child,” for example, would be an ultra rare trophy.


PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is native to the PlayStation 4.

The store is “significantly faster” than the currentl PlayStation 3 store.

Movies no longer have to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. You can stream all films straight from the store.


remote play




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Remote Play

..kurio visiskai nereikes namuose.


Kaip tik geras dalykas yra, kai PVZ. tėvai ar koks nors kitas šeimos narys nori per TV žiūrėti ką nors kita, o tu galėsi žaisti per Remote Play

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As, pvz, Remote Play ir su Ps3 ne karta naudojau :) GoW2 beveik visa perejau ant remote play, nes norejau tuo metu filma ziureti, bet ir zaisti. Daznai multitaskinu:>

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Apie game sharing, kaip buvo klausta:






Tai reiskia, kad jei tavo ps4 nera nustatytas kaip draugo acc "primary console" - jo zaidimu ant savo konsoles zaisti negalesi.




^Kaip aktyvuoti/deaktyvuoti.

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