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Nvidia is clearly going after the high-end GPU market with Pascal GP104 cards, with GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 both delivering better than Titan X levels of performance in our testing. AMD's response with Polaris 10/11 won't be direct competition, but instead AMD is going after the mainstream market. We can't talk about everything we've been told right now, but much like what Nvidia did with the GTX 1070, AMD is releasing the following key details today.


Right off the bat, we see plenty of things that tell us about positioning. AMD lists 36 Compute Units, and unless they're changing things with Polaris, they've used 64 'shader cores' in every GCN CU to date, that would be 2304 cores. That's fewer CUs than the R9 390, but almost 30 percent more than the R9 380. The price is perhaps the most important aspect, however: starting at $199. Presumably that will be the 4GB model, with 8GB models carrying a moderate price premium—somewhere between $20 and $50 would be about right, given current 2GB vs. 4GB pricing.

The most important number in all of this right now is probably the TFLOPS, which AMD states as >5 TFLOPS. Again, that's about in line with the R9 390, at a significantly lower price and power level. If you're wondering about clock speeds, like Nvidia architectures, peak TFLOPS on GCN ends up being two 32-bit FLOPS (FLoating-point Operations Per Second) per core, times the clock speed. Working back from the >5 TFLOPS and CU number, we get a minimum estimate of 1085MHz. Except, the greater-than sign suggest that AMD hasn't finalized clock speed yet, so it could be 5.1 TFLOPS or 5.9 TFLOPS (~1280MHz) once the card hits retail.





On the memory side of things, like the GTX 1070, RX 480 will run GDDR5 at 8000 MT/s (2000MHz base, four bits per cycle). We might be tempted to complain about the 4GB and 8GB models, but at this level of performance, 8GB probably isn't going to be strictly necessary—and if you're willing to pay a bit more, you can still get it. The 256-bit bus is a large step down from the R9 390's 512-bit bus, and AMD hasn't officially stated whether they're doing any new forms of memory compression to help compensate.

The only other major item worth mentioning is that RX 480 will support DisplayPort 1.3 / 1.4 HDR, a step up from the DP 1.2 in current products. RX 480 will also be VR-ready, with what appears to be similar performance expectations relative to the R9 290/390 cards.





Looking at the bigger picture, those who were hoping to see AMD's Polaris take on Nvidia's Pascal chips will be disappointed. Rather than improving overall performance, AMD is going after the value-conscious gamers. There's nothing wrong with that, and AMD cites Mercury Research data showing 13.8 million people spent between $100 and $300 on graphics cards. Here's the problem: we've been able to get pretty much this level of performance with the GTX 970 and R9 290/390 cards for about a year and a half, granted at prices closer to $300-$350.

Cutting the price by a third is great, but it only matters to those who haven't purchased a faster GPU during the past year or two. Much like our advice on theGTX 1070 preview, we recommend gamers look at skipping a generation—or two if you can manage—between graphics card upgrades. Some will buy a $600 card every two or three years, others will buy a $350-$400 card every few years, and still others will look at a $200-$250 card as a periodic upgrade.





So who should be most interested in making the upgrade to an RX 480 once it becomes available? Anyone currently running R7 370 or lower (HD 7870) could potentially double their gaming performance. Or another way of looking at it is that the RX 480 offers roughly the same performance potential as the old Radeon HD 6990 in a card that uses less than half as much power. But that card's five years old now. On the Nvidia side, if you're thinking about switching from team green to team red, GTX 760 and lower (GTX 670 and lower) potentially double performance, not to mention adding some new features and reducing power requirements.

We don't have hardware in hand yet, but that should come sometime before the official June 29 launch date, and there will be other new GPUs alongside the RX 480. And even though this may not have the excitement of a $380 Titan X equivalent, the current consoles have to get by on 1.3-1.84 TFLOPS, so now a $199 GPU will basically offer three times the performance potential of a PS4. Next time someone tries to tell you PC gaming is expensive, try putting a $200 GPU in any PC made in the past five years, and you have a much less costly console alternative.

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gera naujiena is AMD uz gera kaina. dabar svarbiausia kokie bus real life performance testai

bet tikrai reikia atskiru temu apie abieju naujienas ? o kai tai jau nebus naujiena pvz rytoj tai jau i sita tema kaip ir netinka rasyt. :trl:  yra gelezies temu siaip ir ne viena.

Redagavo scalman

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Kaskart kai Nvidia_logo_50x60.png isleidzia kazka awesome, ziauriai atrodo kai 209153-amd_radeon_logo_original.jpg bando gelbetis ir isleidzia tai ka turi tam momentui, tas reikalas buna pigesnis bet..., developeriam kazkaip pofik and AMD :D, nVidia = flawless victory.

Redagavo SoulReaver

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Tai kad visos konsolės ant AMD platformos sukasi, tai kaip ir nėra pofik developeriam, bet aišku dažnai Nvidia sumoka kad naudotų tuos NvidiaWorks pribumbasus ant PC ir po to turim tokius rezultatus kaip prastai veikiantys žaidimai dėl būtent tų pačių NvidiaBulshitWorks. Vienetai žaidimų tėra kurie normaliai veikia. Flawless victory tik aklųjų akyse tebūna.

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Tai tik parodo kad ne kiekviena studija sugeba kokybiskai parasyti zaidima su duotomis technologijomis. Example.. Arkham Knight. Ne nVidia kalta kad zaidimas blogai parasytas, o studija kuri ji kure. Konsoles ant AMD yra tik del kainos - norit dezes uz ikandama kaina starto diena ? - AMD. Ateityje bus ir daugiau nauju technologiju inuo nVidia ir tikrai ne kompanija bus kalta kad naudojant jas iseis kreivai parasyti zaidimai.

Redagavo SoulReaver

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kuo daugiau konkurencingu produktu tuo ju mazesnes kainos, tuo vieni kitur vis bando aplenkti , tuo mes tik islosiam. va yra viena MS ir ji daro su windows ka nori, nes nera alternatyvu kad zaidimus zaist su kita pilnaverte OS.

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AMD RX 480 uz $200 gauni VR ready ir 1440p padoriai lost leidziancia gpu. na tai nesiekia GTX 1070 performance , bet tos ir kaina didesne. gaunas panasu i praejusia GTX 970 daugiau. bet cia dar be jokiu OC


RX480 4GB: 199USD MSRP.
RX480 8GB: 239-249USD




GTAV 1440p







atrodo kad dx12 naujuose zaidimuose geriau eina




bet vistiek dabar GTX 970 galima rast nauja nuo 300 euru in lt. tai kol kas uz tokia kaina RX 480 kaip ir nelabai ka geriau uz 970

Redagavo scalman

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nors kilobaitas atrodo kazkokia asus turi 8gb uz 316. kaip uz 8gb versija tai nieko kaina

siaip apie AMD tai kazkas vadina naujo PS4 neo tariamus specus prilyginamus su nauja RX 480 ju gpu. ar bent jau panasiai. tai idomu kai jau tikrai parodys PS4 neo ir jei kaina bus apie 500 ,dar klausimas kas geriau.

480 pagal lenku testus tai nekazkas









GTX 1080 AMP, 2ghz paOCintas monstras






Hitman OC atrodo niekaip neitakoja




ir reza mazai itakoja  :trl:





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AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB is BIOS unlockable to 8GB says report


There were reports over the weekend of AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB graphics cards coming equipped with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM installed. However the BIOS used by these '4GB' cards only allowed access to half of the physically installed RAM. To get access to the full amount of RAM some enterprising 4GB graphics card users claim to have successfully flashed a retail RX 480 8GB card BIOS.


In a Reddit AMA, AMD claimed that graphics cards sent to reviewers were fashioned this way so that reviewers could test both 4GB and 8GB versions of the RX 480, switching between the two via a BIOS flash. It asserted this ability was"restricted to review samples," says TechPowerUp (TPU). However the 'reviewer only' statement appears to be inaccurate as TPU tested one of its retail bought 4GB RX 480 cards and concluded "retail 4GB RX 480 can be flashed to 8GB, and the modified card performs on par with the 8GB variant". Remember that another difference with the AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB is its slightly slower memory clocks – also 'fixed' with the BIOS switch.

To benefit from this 'something for nothing' upgrade, first of all an AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB user must confirm that their card has 8GB of RAM chips physically installed. That will be evidenced as 8x Samsung 8Gb chips on the PCB. Once you know you have the RAM capacity there, you can use ATIFlash 2.74 to flash an 8GB graphics card BIOS. In theory you should end up with a card that is identical to a retail 8GB one including the faster default memory clocks. Please be warned though:

  • Disassembly of your card to check what memory chips are installed will probably void your warranty
  • Flashing the 'incorrect' BIOS will probably void your warranty
  • Companies recommend that you never do any BIOS updates unless your hardware has a specific problem solved by the update.


TPU tested its 'upgraded' RX 480 4GB and found it to perform slightly better than it did previously, on a par with a retail RX 480 8GB. To check that address space above and beyond 4GB was actually being used, the 'Memory Usage (dedicated)' graph of GPU-Z was monitored while playing a game of COD: Black Ops III at 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160).


AMD Radeon RX 480 PCI-e power draw

We are still awaiting an email from AMD regarding the Radeon RX 480 PCI-e over-current issue. We were emailed on Saturday and told that a progress update would be revealed on 5th July – so it's now overdue.

Ką čia AMD daro 
iš 4gb į 8gb pasidaryk :D:D 


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AMD's Solid State Graphics sports a whopping 1TB of capacity





oday's top consumer graphics chips are more than adequate for the needs of gamers, with models sporting 8GB and even 12GB of memory. Professional graphics is an entirely different story, however; Nvidia's top Quadro M6000 has 24GB of GDDR4, while AMD's FirePro S9170 has 32GB GDDR5. That might seem like an obscene amount of memory, but for some workloads even that could prove woefully inadequate.

At SIGGRAPH, AMD announced and demonstrated a working solution that they're calling Radeon Pro SSG—Solid State Graphics—starting at a full 1TB of 'memory' on the board. For the math impaired, that works out to 32 times more capacity than the S9170, or more than an order of magnitude increase. And this isn't just a pipe dream, as AMD announced that they'll be selling the cards in a developer's kit starting in 2017, with a price of $10,000 per card.

What would you actually need that much graphics memory to handle? Not games, at least not any time in the near future, but AMD did demonstrate working prototypes doing 8K video post-production on the SSG. In their demonstration, scrubbing of raw 8K video went from a stuttering 17 fps to over 90 fps with the SSG. Other forms of content creation, scientific and engineering visualization, and processing of large datasets could potentially see equally impressive gains.

What sort of hardware is involved in this solution isn't quite so clear. The name and press release note the use of non-volatile solid state memory, which gives us a good starting point. Rather than having a large SSD on the main system, it appears AMD will integrate 1TB of NAND directly on the Radeon Pro SSG. That will eliminate a lot of latency that would normally be present where the GPU would have to send requests over the PCIe bus to the chipset, and from there to storage—and then the data would need to come back to the GPU over the same route.

One thing AMD isn't talking is bandwidth or throughput for the SSG. We can assume there will be some dedicated volatile memory—probably GDDR5, though it could be HBM or GDDR5X—and the NAND will serve as a local large data store. Beyond that, there's less clarity. NAND storage solutions range from the everyday SATA drives that have maxed out the SATA interface at around 500-600MB/s, to faster PCIe-based solutions including NVMe SSDs that can push 2500MB/s or more. Given the apparent direct integration of NAND onto the Radeon Pro SSG, I'd assume this will be closer to the latter, and potentially it might even be faster.

What could really blow the doors wide open would be the future use of something like Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint Technology, which has been touted as being up to 1000 times faster than NAND, 10 times as dense, and 1000 times more durable. As long as 3D XPoint has to talk to systems over the PCIe bus, it will likely never get anywhere near the 1000 times faster figure…but direct integration onto a motherboard or graphics solution changes things. Not that AMD is likely to use XPoint on the first iteration of their SSG, but Micron is a big player in the non-volatile storage market, and there has already been talk about the ability for XPoint to replace traditional DRAM in some use cases. We might be closer to terabyte-class GPUs than you think.

Su tokiom kortom tai tik dirbti su arhitektura 3d ir t.t. 
Bet vien tas skamba gerai 1TB 
Bet žaidimuose nieko gero iš jo 

Aišku NVIDIA ir išleis bet tik su 24GB

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