Death Stranding

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Death Stranding

Death Stranding

  • Platformos

    • PC
    • PlayStation 4
  • Kūrėjas

    • Kojima Productions
  • Leidėjas

    • Sony Interactive Entertainment
    • 505 Games
  • Temos

    • Sci-Fi
    • Post-Apocalyptic

Apie žaidimą

The first game from game director Hideo Kojima after his departure from Konami, Death Stranding is a third-person action-adventure game where the goal is to dredge through a ravaged wasteland to reconnect isolated cities and prevent a mass extinction.



Death Stranding is a sci-fi third-person open-world action-adventure game developed by Kojima Productions and released by Sony for the PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019.

The first game by the reformed Kojima Productions (now an independent studio unaffiliated with Konami), Death Stranding takes place in the near-future as the world is ravaged by a cataclysmic supernatural phenomenon known as "death stranding", leaving cities isolated and the landscape both barren and plagued with spectral creatures. The game's main plot revolves around creating connections, or "strands," linking isolated survivors and cities to each other in an effort to rebuild society.

The game features the performances (including voice acting, likenesses, and dialogue motion capture) of numerous veteran actors for its central characters, most notably Norman Reedus as the playable protagonist and Mads Mikkelsen as the central antagonist. Other notable actors include Léa Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner, Margaret Qualley, Tommie Earl Jenkins, and Troy Baker. Film directors Guillermo del Toro and Nicolas Winding Refn are also featured, though in likeness only.


At some point in the future, a wave of supernatural phenomena has shattered the bonds that held America together. Most of the population has holed up in their own cities as multiple threats including terrorists, BTs, dead bodies, and a mysterious supernatural rain known as Timefall have all warped the country into something very different. Sam Porter Bridges, a Repatriate with DOOMS, works as a Porter, entrusted with personally carrying containers to various destinations across the country. When a catastrophe wipes out the Central Knot City, Sam is called into action by the last President of the United Cities of America (UCA) to reconnect the Cities across the country and put America back together through the Chiral Network.

Chiral Network

Similar to the Internet, the chiral network is a wireless communications network that connects individuals and cities across the UCA. Links to the chiral network can be established by Bridges members to bring more people and locations online.

The chiral network contains many of the features previously introduced by the Internet, like instantaneous communication and data sharing. It also allows for extensive hologram communication (called "chiralgrams") in which multiple people are realistically portrayed in a shared space.

Regions of the map that are connected to the chiral network allows players to see and use player-made structures and signs.


In Death Stranding, players head west across the former United States of America, transporting cargo to fulfill orders and linking people and cities to the chiral network.

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During transit, cargo can be damaged by falls, during combat, or, in the case of "chilled deliveries," high temperatures. Players must maintain their balance on rough terrain by gripping the shoulder straps on Sam's backpack, accomplished by holding the triggers. This centers the point of gravity and keeps Sam stable.

To aid in transportation, Sam has access to two types of vehicles. Trikes are fast three-wheel motorcycles that can hold small cargo in addition to whatever Sam has on his back. Trucks are slower but can hold large amounts of cargo and have the added benefit of keeping cargo safe from the weather. With both vehicle types, cargo can be damaged by rough driving.

In addition, players have access to three different types of exo-skeletons. Power skeletons increase the amount of weight Sam can carry. Speed skeletons allow for faster travel on foot. All-terrain skeletons allow Sam to travel faster through terrain that normally slows him down, like snow and mud.


In the world of Death Stranding, a dangerous type of precipitation called timefall occurs frequently. Timefall rapidly ages anything that hasn't been made timefall-resistant, such as the uniforms that Bridges operatives wear. Timefall will age cargo containers after prolonged exposure, weakening their integrity and making the cargo inside more vulnerable to damage.

Structures and Construction

Sam can carry with him ladders and climbing anchors to overcome obstacles. Ladders can be placed vertically to ascend and descend, or horizontally to cross chasms and deep rivers. Climbing ropes have a maximum length of 30 meters and serve a similar purpose as ladders, but with more flexibility.

Portable Chiral Constructors (PCC) are devices that can print complex structures, including:

  • Bridge: An arched structure that allows for safe traversal over rivers and chasms.
  • Generator: A tower that recharges batteries of all battery-powered devices within range.
  • Postbox: A storage device that allows players to access private and shared storage, either to entrust cargo for delivery to other Porters, or claim cargo to finish a delivery started by another Porter.
  • Safehouse: A structure that provides players with access to their private room where they can rest, similar to those found in Cities and some Distribution Centers.
  • Timefall Shelter: An overhead structure that provides shelter from the effects of Timefall and restores the condition of cargo containers damaged by Timefall.
  • Watchtower: A tower that allows players to scan the environment and mark locations from a heightened position.
  • Zipline: A device that can transport Sam to any nearby connected zipline. Ziplines have a maximum connecting distance of 300 meters.

PCC structures can only be built in regions connected to the chiral network.

Player Interactivity

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In regions connected to the chiral network, structures, signs, cargo, and vehicles left behind by other players can be seen and interacted with. Everything that previously belonged to another player or, in the case of structures, was built by another player can be Liked to show affirmation and appreciation. Furthermore, cargo that was dropped by someone else can be delivered to its destination.

Players can contribute materials to player-made structures for repairs and upgrades. Similarly, in the Central Region roadways can be constructed at designated points by contributing materials to the associated terminals.


During his travels, Sam will encounter two types of hostile opponents:


Otherworldly foes known as Beached Things, BTs represent souls of the dead stranded in the living world, with the power to cause a Voidout if they consume a corpse in the real world, which can wipe out an entire city in an instant, leaving only a deep crater behind. They are difficult to detect but extremely dangerous. If a BT touches Sam, they will summon several dead corpses to try and drag Sam down with them to the other side. If he cannot shake them off in time, it triggers an event where a massive BT tries to finish him off and the surrounding area turns into a giant puddle of oil.

BTs can be avoided by making Sam hold his breath and sneak around them, or travel outside the oily ground where the BT can't reach him. Later on, Bridges and some of Sam's clients can develop anti-BT weaponry, such as guns and grenades that use Sam's blood to eliminate BTs, or bola wires embedded with some of Sam's blood that can restrain them. At one point, Mama develops an upgrade to Sam's cuffs that lets him cut a BTs umbilical cord to send them on to the afterlife. Though difficult to accomplish, it allows Sam to eliminate a BT in one stroke if he can sneak up on them.


Human enemies who roam outside of civilization, MULEs are obsessed with cargo and will try to knock out Sam to steal whatever he is carrying. MULEs have encampments that can be raided for their supplies. They also drive trucks with open beds that can be hijacked for transportation. However, MULE encampments are surrounded by scanning devices that can ping Sam or his cargo with their own version of the odradek and hunt him down if he gets close. Later on, Sam will encounter terrorists who are similar to MULEs, except these people are not shy about using guns against Sam. Sam cannot kill them and risk triggering a Voidout, and must incapacitate them like normal MULEs.

Sam has several methods at his disposal to dispatch MULEs and other human enemies: his Strand rope can be used to stealthily choke enemies into unconsciousness, or parry melee attackers. The Bola Gun can tie up enemies, leaving them unable to attack. Sam can also make use of non-lethal guns or stun grenades to take down enemies from afar.


  • Sam Porter Bridges (portrayed and voiced by Norman Reedus)
  • Clifford "Cliff" Unger (portrayed and voiced by Mads Mikkelsen)
  • Deadman (portrayed by Guillermo del Toro)
  • Fragile (portrayed and voiced by Léa Seydoux)
  • Amelie (portrayed and voiced by Lindsay Wagner)
  • Higgs (portrayed and voiced by Troy Baker)
  • Die-Hardman (portrayed and voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins)
  • Mama (portrayed and voiced by Margaret Qualley)
  • Lockne (portrayed and voiced by Margaret Qualley)
  • Heartman (portrayed and voiced by Nicolas Winding Refn)
  • Bridget (portrayed and voiced by Lindsay Wagner)




Kūrėjas: Kojima Productions
Leidėjas: Sony Computer Entertainment
Žaidimo variklis:
Žanras: Adventure
Išleidimo data: 2019 11 08
Metacritic įvertinimas:


The game stars Norman Reedus, the Walking Dead actor who previously worked with Kojima on Konami's Silent Hills project, which ultimately was abandoned by the publisher during a fallout between Kojima and his ex-employer.

Kojima has already claimed that he wanted his next project to be "edgy" and if the trailer is any indication, he will deliver on that ambition; the video clip opens with Reedus's character attached to a baby via an umbilical cord, both naked and standing on a beach that it blanketed with dead fish and whales.

Reedus's character has scars on his stomach which appear to be of a crucifix, while his hands are drenched in black paint.

Little else is know of Death Stranding, aside from that PS4 architect Mark Cerny is working on the game. No release date has been set.


Redagavo Magnitas

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Kol kas is trailerio paziurejes supratau,kad nieko nesupratau,bet patiko :D Faktas kad Hideo Kojima vardas garantuoja gera produkta.Klausimas - kada?Pas Hideo zaidimai greitai nesidaro,tai speju minimum 2 metus galim buti ramus ir daug info negausim,trupinukais busim maitinami kasmet per E3 :) bet kas gera verta laukimo.

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sunku buvo patiket kad cia buvo real time. tai koks engine ? 



Info from Geoff Keighley Interview with Kojima on YouTube:

- No involvement from Del Toro
- Kojima Productions logo has nothing to do with the game, it's just a logo
- It's an action game
- Game setting is still secret
- Kojima won't say the name of the main character
- Game will take "some time" to make, don't expect it soon
- Game name is related to the stranding of something that is dead, like a whale on a beach, something from some other world comes to a new place





Redagavo scalman

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Tokios geros emocijos "trinktelejo" sitos konferencijos metu kai Kojima atejo ir pasake stebuklingus zodzius nuo 1.10 :D


O siaip zaidimai grinas Kojima kurinys. Manau bus kitoks silent hill zaidimas, bet su ta pacia atmosfera. Kai pasirode 5 skraidantis.. Lyg kokie tai dievai, manau tai pagal Kojima irgi kazka reiskia. Zodziu talentingas zmogus gavo laisve kurti.

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maike gera  :)

Kojima pasitiki sony ir sony pasitikejo juo todel ju santykiai siaip ir like geri, todel jis daro savo pirma zaidima butent ant sony 

jie jau parode treileri.. nors dar nera apsisprende koki engine isvis naudot... tai kaip tada tas treileris ejo real time .. ? 

jie dar testuoja skirtingus engine ir renkasi kas jiem tinka ir kas ne.  Kojima jau seniau buvo pareiskes kad pirmam savo zaidimui jis nekurs savo engine bet naudos kazkoki is esamu engine. bet iseina kad kol kas jie dar nepasirinko.

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Man tai asmeniškai MGS5 engine buvo labai neblogas, animacijos sklandžios, optimizacija puiki, tekstūros judančių objektų tikrai neblogs, gal tik aplinkoms trūko dvasios, o šiaip jį patobulinus galėtų ir 2017-2018 metais nustebint žmones dar.

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sony nestabdys ir netrukdys Kojimai igyvendint savo keistai beprotisku ideju. laisve duota. dabar ziuresim ka jis su ja padarys


Sony: restricting Kojima’s creative vision “probably not a wise thing to do”

Sony has told VG247 that it doesn’t want to hold back Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima’s creative vision on his new project, Death Stranding.

In an exclusive interview published today, Sony’s Euro boss Jim Ryan said that although the PlayStation business must be accountable to the executives in suits, it has no desire to hold back the “free spirit” of the acclaimed games auteur.

“If you try to place too many constraints on a free spirit like that it’s probably not a wise thing to do,” said Ryan.


“But equally, clearly, with something like that there’s a significant investment on the part of Sony, and all of us who make those sort of decisions around that sort of investment are ultimately accountable to Sony shareholders. It’s a balance between allowing the creativity to flourish and recognising that we’re part of a business,” he added.


pats Kojima sake kad pasirinko SOny del to butent kad jam dave laisves. tikriausia pirma karta jis gavo tiek laisves, tai jau galima laukt nekasdieninio zaidimo tikrai

Kojima nori kad zaidejai butu sujungti ne pagaliais o virvem...dauguma zaidimu mes naudojam pagalius



Death Stranding is about ropes instead of sticks

Death Stranding creative lead Hideo Kojima has given a fascinating bit of insight into his ideas for the embryonic project.

Speaking to IGN, Kojima described a short story by Kobo Abe about humanity’s first tools.

“The stick is the first tool that mankind created to put distance between himself and bad things – to protect himself,” Kojima said.

“The second tool mankind created is a rope. A rope is a tool used to secure things that are important to you.”

What does this have to do with video game sin general and Death Stranding in particular? Well:

“Most of your tools in action games are sticks. You punch or you shoot or you kick. The communication is always through these sticks,” Kojima continued.

“I want people to be connected not through sticks, but through what would be the equivalent of ropes.”


Kojima echoes a common observation about mainstream video games: many only offer the player one way to interact with the world, and that interaction is combat. Combat is a lot of fun – there’s just something inherently satisfying about pointing and pressing a button, isn’t there? – but it does rather limit the player to a backseat role of watching the story unfold and committing murders as directed.

Well, even if your primary interaction is non-violent it can still limit your agency considerably, but Kojima’s work in the Metal Gear series has always given the player many options as to how to proceed, even while they are bound to a set narrative – so I think we can expect something pretty interesting out of our old mate.

“But of course you will be able to use the sticks too,” Kojima added, presumably because he would like to make some money at some stage. Hit the link above for the full comments in context and some discussion of how Death Stranding will be both like and unlike existing games.



Kojima mindfuckas atrodo pasieks sekanti lvl si karta. bring it on  :)

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“But of course you will be able to use the sticks too,” Kojima added, presumably because he would like to make some money at some stage.


Prajuokino mane šita vieta :D Žino, kad didžioji dalis geimerių be pew pew nieko nenori daugiau.

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